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Essay/Term paper: Canadian identity

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Geography

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Canadian Identity test.
By Trevor Dawson.

1: The Canadian Identity is the stuff that all Canadian's have in

common, it's like we invented hockey so that is considered part of our

identity. We also invented Basketball but the U.s. took that away from us

by exploting it and saying that because the man was in the U.s. it was not

Canadian, but for the people that know they realize that our identity is falling

apart because the U.s. is a much bigger country so they have more power.

2: The thing that create our identity our the sports we invented,

the way we talk (eh), the courtesy that we have towards other

the food we eat, and even the prices we have. More stuff that makes

our identity are the amount of racism in our country compared to the

U.s. , also the beauty of the land compared to the overpopulated cities

in the U.s. We have the Rocky mountains and many other clean and

famous landmarks. Also the crime rate is alot lower than in the U.s.,

and also unlike them we have free health care and a lower pollution


3: Canada to me is the best place to live in because we have beautiful

landmarks, we have free health care that helps my family alot because

of my asthma, we also have a government and a large amount of

that are nice to other countries and are less hated. One main thing

known about Canada is that we are a center for sports, we also have

less racism than the U.s., because if a black child walked into a school

in the U.s. 30 years ago he would be made fun of called names and

even failed by the teachers because of his skin color. But back in the

1800's black people thought of Canada as the free land.

4: I think Canada and the U.s are very different because, we have way

less violence, we have less pollution, we are more friendlier to our

neibouring countries, we have less pollution and free health care for

that matter. Most of the popular sports know in days us Canadian's

invented even though the U.s. tries to say they might have, we are

more of a free country than the U.s. and we aren't even as close to as

racist then them.

5: Canada and the U.s. are the same because, the businesses from the

U.s. are coming to Canada and putting the Canadian buissnesses

bankrupt. Also the T.v. sations from the U.s. are on almost all the T.v

channels, most of their shows and movies are twice as violent as our's

and they even try to cut down the amount of violence in the shows

before their broadcast. Also the U.s. are coming to the leagues that

started off being Canadian, and we let them because they are way more

dominant then us. Even though our violence level is lower than their's

it's getting pretty high and our gangs are multiplying very fast.

6: If Canada wants to keep a good country for the future we must, start

by cutting down the amount of pollution, also we have to clean up all

the graffiti and the bad influences painted on the walls, we also have to

try to cut down the violence level that's on T.V. because that's just

ruining the minds of the youth. We also should be more effective

on the laws in the country like teens not smoking cigarettes or

marijuana. I think if Canada changed and showed the rest of the world

that we're perfect then the rest of the world would start to think about



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