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Essay/Term paper: Canada

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Geography

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Did you ever stop and

wonder how much we take the place we live for granted? If

you were to take the time, you would discover how diverse

are Canada's history, geography, climate, economy, cultures

and government. Did you know it is the largest country in the

world now that U.S.S.R broke up. Specifically, Canada is

9,922,330 square km. Did you know that Canada used to

be named "Kanata"? Yes, Kanata is an Indian word meaning

village. It was not until July 1,1867 that Kanata was

renamed Canada. Canada was originally discovered by

Jacques Cartier an explorer from France who sailed down

the St.Lawrence in 1534. Cartier we believe was the first to

set foot on Canadian soil. He marked his presence with a

flag claiming it his land. Over the years, Canada has

developed into the home of the largest free-standing

structure in the world. Canada,(a great tourist attraction)is

also home of the largest water fall in the world. Our farmland

unlike a lot of others has a variety of climate. The warmer

summer climate ranges from +10 - +30 and the cooler

climate ranges from anywhere to -10 - -30. Despite the

changes in temperature, Canada's precipitation is very light.

Our home is enclosed by the United States of America,

south, the Pacific ocean and Alaska on the west side, the

Atlantic ocean on the east side and the Arctic up north. One

of the dominant reasons Canada is so well populated is due

to the fact of our financial status. At this present time, the

economy is not doing too well, but who's is? Canada is

highly industrialised by manufacturing Automobiles, food,

liquor and tobacco. We as a Unified country accept other

cultures and religions. Canada has about every nationality

possible and together they form a great home. Despite the

many cultures, Canada's main languages are english and

french. Canada is a democracy. This means the government

is elected by all the people. It is responsible for managing the

country, forcing laws, building roads and helping the country

run smoothly. Canada has three main levels of government:

Federal, Provincial and Municipal. The house of commons

lies in Ottawa, Ontario. While the Queen is not present, her

representative, the Governor General is in charge. He ranks

higher than the Prime Minister. In conclusion, I hope I have

raised your awareness of Canada's varied history,

geography, economy, climate, cultures and government. This

is great country that we live in. I am truly proud to be a

Canadian. Extras Canada in it's history to date has had five

flags. "The First, was a white flag with three gold

fleurs-de-lys. This flag was used by Cartier in his voyage up

the St. Lawrence and by Champlain in his explorations of

eastern Canada. It was under this flag that the French lived

until the fall of Quebec in 1759. The flag was used by the

English from around 1700 was the Union Flag which

contained two crosses-the cross of St. George and the cross

of St. Andrew and St. Patrick was introduced. This flag is

still used in Canada for special occasions. The Red Ensign

was approved in 1945 for use by Canadians overseas and

on certain occasions in Canada. The flag was used until

1965. The Royal Canadian flag was authorized by Royal

Proclamation on February 15, 1965, following approval by

Canadian House of Commons and Senate in December

1965. The Canadian flag is red. In its centre is a white

square the width of the flag, with a single Red Maple Leaf in

the centre. The flag must always be twice as long as it is

wide so that it makes a square when folded in two. The

colours white and red were given to Canada by King

George V, on November 21, 1921, when he granted arms

to Canada on the recommendation of the canadian

government. The Maple Leaf has always been an emblem of

Canada. There is no significance to the eleven points of the

leaf. It is stylized or conventional in form, as is common

when things found in nature are used as flags, banners or

arms. Note- When hoisting the flag or descending, never let

it touch the ground. This shows a lack of respect toward

your country and your people.  

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