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Essay/Term paper: Confused but not mad - hamlet

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Hamlet

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The story of Hamlet depicts the flaws of human nature vs. actions of man. Hamlet did not use his intellect to decipher what made people do the things they do. Shakespeare was well known for his manipulation of people's thoughts and actions.

When the story opens on the funeral of Prince Hamlet father, Hamlet. We have the first sight of how confused Hamlet is by saying he has no sorrow of the death of his father. In reality, Hamlet does not wish for anyone to know how he is really feeling. Hamlet only wants to find peace and equilibrium within himself. Most people after the death of a family member tries to deal with the death by meeting with other family members and consoling each. other. Here is where Hamlet loses his balance 'mentally' Hamlet's mother has married her brother-in-law and therefore is living in sin according to the era in which this play was wrote. This leaves Hamlet with no family member to console with, thus he ends up having to deal with his fathers death in his own confused way.

The next misunderstanding comes when the ghost confronted the guard at the tower and they went and got the Prince, The majority of the penple in the world would have neither ran away from the ghosts or would have passed them off as a delusion of grievous people. Hamlet instead of ni sb2iteving Nent tc find ot~t what it ~>as that the ~Ltards ns~d seen. Harriet on]; ~i shed to Lrd2rstand t+ghy the ghost caine to the quards instpad of him first c,nd i+ this ghost was a In endi y ~host or an evi 1 one tiarn] et a~ so pt)ndered on the questi on of, why the guards did not do the normal reaction?

This question dIsturbed Haml~t and put hirn in a confused stats e~en {nore,

When Ophelia approached ¶Aamlet inside the castle, Ophelia told Hamlet she had an object she wantied to give. bact to Hamlet. lamlet did riot know what she had ireant. This caused Hamlet to start testing flphe~ia. H~ tested her on the bass 0+ the different things that he h~d fell in love with her on to see it she vJas acting the samc~. LUhen asied where her father was.

Hamlet saw the ultimate confusIng act by Ophelia's bt~othsr, Laertea L£Jhen Hain~st tried to give respect to Uiphe~ia~s death~ Laerte~ attac~£.:ed him. Laertes put the blame .4 what had happened to flphslla on the shoulders of Hamlet.

Without thinting of what had bpen done before wIth King Hamlet, Fri nce Hami Lt agrees to a tost oF honor against Laertes. Laertas acti ~ns werE? 0+ an animal after revenge .1 stead 0+ cariE? deter-Cr-nc; ;--ocrtt?'jflp. s honor. (>*# ter Layrtes
confessed that Ham! et had been pot son t?~d, he told evpryone that the king frsa3 behind it all. The Hino was. behind the death of the queen ar'd L.. aertes act on£. The confussi on of Flamlet finally £nded?

Hain! et .5 maddnes~ was mi sninderstandi ng, o+ human figure out the htg quest~on good dosE Of vengence in hi to build up a maddness iq~ich death.
dl.? to his misiudgement, or

nature Hamlet kept trying to Whw in-tead 0+ dishing out a ~.athFr~s behalf. This caused him eventually I2ad to the his


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