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Essay/Term paper: Hamlet txt

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Hamlet

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Á ÁHamlet is a man of many different qualities and he reveals
only certain qualities to certain people. Hamlet draws his
audience, the reader, into noticing the different qualities that he
has. His qualities are shown through his conversations with other
characters as well as through his soliloquies. These words of
wisdom and revealance help to distinguish how Hamlet feels about
each other character that he encounters. The phrases and speeches
that Hamlet addresses are both poetic and piercing. So when Hamlet
is speaking, he is constantly revealing his qualities which range
from love, to respect, to hate. Hamlet's most powerful qualities
seem to be revealed through his conversation with the people that
he cares about, namely his family and friends.

Á ÁThe queen, Gertrude, is hamlet's mother and she is probably
the living being that he cares about the most. Unfortunately, one
of Hamlet's qualities, which is revealed in conversation with his
mother, is a negative one and that is anger. His quality is
displayed through Hamlet's soliloquy in Act 1, Scene 2, Lines 131©
161. Hamlet is angry at his mother for marrying a new husband, his
uncle, Claudius, so quickly after his father's death. This anger
shines through in such phrases such as "Frailty, thy name is
woman!"(Act 1,Sc 2, L148) and "Like Niobe, all tears."(Act 1, Sc 2,
L151). At the end of his soliloquy, Hamlet switches qualities from
one of anger to one of fear. This is evident when Hamlet states,
"With such dexterity to incestuous sheets!", and "It is not, nor it
cannot come to good", and finally "But break my heart, for I must
hold my tongue"(Act 1, Sc 2 L157© 161). Hamlet expresses his fear
for his mother's hasty marriage. Hamlet realizes that his mother
marrying his uncle can have no good result. Respect is another
quality that Hamlet displays in conversation with his mother. This
occurs when his mother asks him to remain at home rather than
return to school(Act 1, Sc 2, L120©121), which he agrees to do.
This shows that although he disagrees with his mother and her
marriage, after such little mourning for her husband, Hamlet Sr.'s,
death, he still respects his mother and will do what she asks.

Á ÁLater in the act, Hamlet encounters another character who goes
by the name of Horatio. Horatio is a good friend, as stated in Act
1, Sc 2, L163, and the first quality which Hamlet reveals is his
respect for Horatio. In line 176 of Act 1, Sc 2, Hamlet states "I
know you are no truant." This shows that Hamlet knows that Horatio
is Well educated and takes note of that and gives him respect.
This is respect for Horatio's intelligence and decision© making.
Hamlet reveals trust as a quality within his character towards
Horatio. This occurs in two places; the first is when he believes
Horatio when Horatio says that he has seen Hamlet's father in the
form of a ghost(Act 1, Sc 2, L193© 226). If horatio were not a
good friend, Hamlet might be angered because he might think that
Horatio was mocking him in his mourning. Since Horatio is a good
friend, Hamlet seeks all the information about his ghost story. In
faith of Horatio's honesty. The second occurrence of trust takes
place at the end of Act 1, Sc 5, L129© 201).Ô  h)  0*0*0*°° ÔŒ™
Áà8ì) Á©2©ƒ

Á ÁAfter speaking with his father's ghost, Hamlet meets up with
Horatio again and asks for him to swear to secrecy, as well as to
be aware of his plan of revenge. This shows This shows that Hamlet
has trust in Horatio, that he need not worry about the news of his
father's ghostly visit in Denmark. A third, less significant
quality that Hamlet reveals when speaking with Horatio is sarcasm,
which occurs in Act 1, Sc 2, L180©182, when he questions Horatio's
real reason for visiting his home. When Horatio says that he has
come for the funeral of Hamlet Sr., Hamlet figures that he might
really have come to see the wedding of his mother and his uncle.
So Hamlet slashes out a sarcastic comment, only to be denied by his
good and understanding friend, Horatio. Possibly, this quickly put
together marriage, so soon after the death of his father, has
established a bad seed of sarcasm which could be a quality to which
Hamlet cannot be blamed for at this time.

Á ÁLoyalty, love and respect are the three main qualities which
Hamlet reveals, so far, of his father's ghost. Respect is shown
when Hamlet decides to follow his father's ghost even with the
pressure of his friends not to follow(Act 1, Sc 2, L64©88). Even
though his father is dead, Hamlet still respects him... Dead or
Alive. If his father's ghost has come back to talk to him, Hamlet
is going to respect his wishes. Love, which occurs throughout Act
1, Sc 5, is simply the willingness of Hamlet to listen to what his
father's ghost has to say. Rather than letting the words that the
ghost of his father spoke, go in one ear and out the other, Hamlet
listened carefully and will do anything for him, such as the
revenge hamlet seeked throughout the play. This shows love towards
his father because he'll do anything to honour his father. Third,
Hamlet reveals probably the best quality of the whole play as for
which is loyalty. This loyalty is towards, of course, his deceased
father, and it occurs in the vow to seek revenge on his uncle, the
murderer of his beloved father(Act 1, Sc 5, L32©34& 113©115).
Hamlet's father wants revenge on his brother and since he cannot do
it himself he has asked his son, Hamlet, to do it for him. Hamlet
agreed to this request and in doing so, he has showed his loyalty
to his hero.... His Father. Hamlet's qualities of love and loyalty
have shown that the barriers between the living and the dead and
indeed be broken with a little spiritual help.

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Áà8ì) Á©3©ƒ

Á ÁIt is said that actions speak louder than words but in
Hamlet's case, words speak louder than actions, for it is the words
of hamlet that reflect the qualities bestowed on him. In
conclusion, it has been shown that Hamlet has displayed different
qualities with different characters. I feel there seems to be one
common quality which was revealed with each character
encounterment© Respect. Hamlet seems to respect his family and
friends through the thick and thin of things because he knows them
for who they are and he knows that mistakes can be made. Most
importantly, Hamlet feels it necessary to respect the people he is
close to in following the choice question of "To Be or Not To Be.."
(ÃÃHamletÄÄ, William Shakespear). Without character qualities to boost
Hamlet's character, Hamlet would drown in the sea of Shakespear's
many character's and would eventually become "Not to be." Words
and phrases make qualities and qualities are what make great

Done By: Tanya Tugwood

Ô  h) 0*0*0*°° ÔŒ™

ÃÃÐ  ÐÔ $  ÔHamlet Essay
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Ô * ì Ô
Ô  Ä ÔÄÄÃÃDone By:ÄÄ Tanya Tugwood
Ô " , Ô ENG OA1
Ô  ¨  ÔÃÃDue On:ÄÄ Monday October 17, 1994
Ô * ì ÔÐ  ÐÔ
° Ô

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