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Essay/Term paper: Relay

Essay, term paper, research paper:  High School Essays

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I heard the noisy sound but it was what I was waiting for. My legs started shaking. My heart beat abnormally and my mind became simpler and simpler. Suddenly I looked around. All the opponents were next to me. They looked nervous. I could hear my heartbeats much more clearly.

The athletic field was filled with the crowd's shouting and its echo. Among them, I could see the red vast boys. They were all cheering my team. I felt a sense of responsibility. By my house's enthusiastic cheer, I devoted myself intensely to pursuit of the victory.

I was not thinking, but I knew I was mesmerising myself.
'I have to win... I must beat them...'
I trembled and broke into a cold sweat. I heaved a sigh deeply to release bit of tension on my body.

Wind was blowing with my hair flying behind me and it dried the cold sweat. I felt that all the eyes, in the on-lookers seat, focused their attention on me. I realised the second runner was close to me.

I felt tension not only on my body but also mentally. I looked back. The second runner was running at full speed to me. I saw the baton. It looked like a monster. My mind shouted at me.
'Drop and Die.'
I looked forward again. I could see my way clearly.

It was short distance to go, but it seemed the finishing line was miles away from me. I opened my eyes with a fierce glare and I decided to run to death. Every thing looked different from a second ago. I knew my team was about to be the victor.

The second runner shouted. I darted forth. I put my hand back. I felt the monster in my hand. I grabbed it as hard as I could and then I accelerated.

The monster, in my hand, was satisfied with his new environment. My legs and arms were moving as fast as they could, and I ran with the wind to my back. It seemed like I was running faster than the wind was blowing behind me.

Few seconds later, I shouted at the next runner,
He broke into a run. I turned over the monster to him. The transfer was successful. After the transfer, my eyes started watching the development of the event breathlessly. It seemed like the game would be very close. Even a second ago, I thought there's no way to lose this game. I started worrying. I did not want to disappoint my comrades who were cheering so fanatically.

In a short time, I heard a loud cheer from my team's site. Soon, I realised my team was the winner of the event. The cheer was getting louder and I heard a voice from my back.
"Well done!"


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