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June 10, 1996
Rome, Italy

The City of Rome, Italy is located along the Tiber River in the west-central part of the Italian mainland, approximately a mere fifteen miles inland from the Tyrrhenian Sea. The City of Rome is situated on the famous Seven Hills of Rome, which are again bordered by hills to the north, south, and east. Rome originally rests on the Campagna, a coastal lowland built up from volcanic rocks. The hills are not very high averaging only one-hundred to two-hundred feet high and are covered by green plant life.
Originally settlers migrated to this area because of the high elevations which were free of the disease-ridden bacteria which spread malaria throughout the low-lying areas. Increased settlement progressed in the sixth century B.C. by the Latins and the Sabines whose main priority was the physical aspects of Rome. Rome is located near the Mediterranean Sea which allows for the inhabitants to conduct trade and bring in new ideas and concepts to further develop the city. Judging from the fact that that the Tiber River runs directly through the city, it can only be assumed that the first inhabitants realized that the land was easily accessible, that the land next to the river was rich farmland, and that transportation would be effortless.
The city continued to grow steadily by attracting new settlers and the promise of a better future. As the Roman Empire expanded, Rome emerged as an Administrative Center as it came to be acknowledged as the capital of the great Roman Empire. The city also began to acquire new settlers for religious purposes. In the sixteenth century the Church of Rome accepted the term Catholic to apply as a title for Protestant and Reformed Churches, which became a strong presence of what came to be known as Roman Catholic.
Today , Rome still remains as an Administrative Center as it serves as the national capital of Italy and as capital of the Rome Province. Shipping and industry are not a major factor in the economy as they account for only twenty percent of the city"s revenues. However, the backbone and heart of Rome is based on tourism. Many tourist come to see the ancient ruins which have remained for centuries such as the Fountain of Neptune and the Roman Colesseum. Tourism paves the way for increased revenues in other businesses such as hotels, bars, restaurants, stores, boutiques, and other services that cater to tourists. Rome is also renowned as a center of education. The University of Rome tends to more than one-hundred-fifty-thousand enrolled students, many of which came from other countries.
Over the years Rome has shown stability in attracting settlers and also to be acknowledged as an important city in the world for its administrative, cultural, and educational resources.


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