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As a male in this crazy world, I need a form of stress-relase that won"t be destructive

on me or anybody else. The game of golf might be boring to others in the sense of, all

the golfer does is hit the small, white ball into the hole. True, in essense, this is all the

game is about, but the difficulty level unmatched. Just hitting the ball won"t make it

magically go into the hole. A person must know excatly what is going on at the

present time to determine what shot has to be made. This is what is the stress-relase

for me. Just tring to determine what shot has to be made, at what angle or at a certain

force, takes my mind off what has been stressing me.

Having been playing golf for five years, in the begining, the game itself was a

stressor. I din"t want to play much because I wasn"t good the minute I picked up a

golf club. Having absolutly no patience, my clubs were thrown many a day. It took

me at least a year and a half to compete with anybody. But as I persevered, I relized

that I wasn"t that bad of a golfer. This enlightenment showed me that is I was to stick

with something, that I could be good with a little pratice. As I would go to the golf

course, I realized that my problems would seem smaller because I would take a few

hours out of my day and not think of it.

I guess a person, looking from the outside, would say that golf is a form of

escape for me. Regetfully, I would have to agree. If a problem has been on my mind

and I can"t seem to get my head clear, sure I grab the golf clubs and head out to the

course. If I didn"t have is simple game of putting the small, white ball into the hole, I

know for a fact I would be a nervous wreck. 

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