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Essay/Term paper: Drowning

Essay, term paper, research paper:  High School Essays

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Drowning is the second leading cause of injury deaths of infants

and children younger than 15 years old in the United States. I know many of

you may have small children and relatives so this may be of some interest to

you. A personal experience happened to me when I was around seven years

old. I still can remember it like yesterday. This incident almost cost me my life,

I was disobedient and it still has a big effect on me now. This little act of mine

caused a lot of stress to many people, I was seven years old and at the time I

was the only child. I stayed with my mother and my step-dad. We lived in the

trailer parks; I was at the babysitter"s house and she had two teenage sons.

One was named Tim and the other Derrick, and I wanted to be like them. It

was a hot summer day, and Tim and Derrick went swimming at the pool up at

the front of the trailer park. I asked the babysitter could I go she said, "NO!"

This made me very upset because I couldn"t go to the pool with her sons. She

told me the reason why I couldn"t go was because she was in charge of me

and she wasn"t going to be up there watching me. I wasn"t really caring about

what she was talking about. She went into the kitchen and was making me

some lunch while I was on the sofa. After lunch was ready I ate all my food

and told her that I was going outside to play with the dog. I went out to play

with Face; she was a full breed pit bull, but she liked me. After about an hour

of being bored outside playing by myself, I began to think of a way I could

sneak to the pool. I went inside the house without being seen and put on my

swimming trunks. Running as fast as I could I left out the house and sprinted

to the pool. I was so happy I was finally at the pool, so I walked around the

pool once and took off my shoes and shirt. Not knowing I was at the deep

end of the pool I ran and jumped into the pool. Straight to the bottom I went.

All of a sudden in one blink my fun turned into a scare. It was the water and

me and I didn"t know how to swim. So I was gasping for air all I could see

was the suns rays hitting the water and the big white fluffy clouds. Next thing I

knew was I was drowning and I went to the bottom of the pool, 8 feet down.

All I remember next was I was on the ground and everybody was standing

around me, and people were kneeling also. Among the crowd was Tim and

Derrick looking and wondering was I all right. I felt really scared and nervous.

I was ok and they took me back to the house and told her what had

happened to me. She was furious because I snuck out and could"ve killed

myself by being disobedient. My little act affected everyone, my mother, the

babysitter and her sons. I really learned my lesson the hard way. I still think

about this today how my life could"ve been ended over my curiosity of

sneaking out and going to the pool.  

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