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I had the opportunity to interview an E.M.T. The E.M.T. I

chose to interview was my friend Matt from the Highland

lakes squad. I chose to interview him because it is easier for

me to talk to someone I know than someone I don't know,

and also I wanted to find out whats its like being an E.M.T.

from a teenagers point of view. Q: Why did you become an

E.M.T.? A: I enjoy helping people, and I felt that I wanted

to be able to do more than just basic first aid and cpr. Q:

What does it mean to be on call? A: It means that if the

pager goes off you are the person that responds to the call.

You can't leave your area because you have to stay available

if the pagers do go off. Q: How does being an E.M.T. affect

your personal life? A: It doesn't really affect my personal life

too much. The only time it really does is if the pager goes off

and I'm on call then I have to stop what I am doin and

respond to the call, or if I come across an accadent I have to

stop and help. Q: In Vernon what kind of accadents do you

usually see? A: The most common type of accadent I see is

people havin trouble breathing, or people who can't breath

things like that. Q: What is the worst accadent you've ever

seen? A: The worst accadent I've ever seen was a car

accadent where there was a victim who couldn't remember

anything even after I told him the same thing over and over

again he couldn't remember what I told him. Q: What

happens if the victim is someone you know? A: I try to treat

the victim like any other victim, but I'm more nervious about

messing up somthing or doing somthin wrong. The victim

though will usually feel more comfortable when someone

they know is there with them. Q: What do you do at the

scene of an accadent? A: We treat the victims, and transport

them to the hospital as fast as we can. Q: How do you feel

on the way to a call? A: I usually have an adrenalin rush, and

my body feels like its going 100 times faster than normal.

Thats about it though. Q: Do you like being an E.M.T. and

why? A: Yes, I enjoy being an E.M.T. I like the feeling I get

from helping others that are in need of help. Q: What

happens if you are at a call and another call comes in? A: If a

call comes in while you are at a call you will be dispatched to

the other call when you finish the one you are at otherwise if

its not possible for you to respond to the seccond call they

will dispatch another rig for the seccond call. Q:

Approximatly how many calls per week do you get in

Vernon? A: I usually get about one or two per week when

I'm on call, but the squad can get either a lot or a little

ammount of calls. Q: How many days a week are you on

call? A: I'm usually on call one or two days durning the week

and sometimes one day on the weekends. After doin this

interview with my friend Matt I realize it could be fun, but

hard work to be an E.M.T. Peoples lives are depending on

you, and if you make a mistake someone could die. I'm glad

there are people like my friend Matt that want to be an

E.M.T, but I sure wouldn't want to be one.  

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