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Essay/Term paper: Brent staples' a brother's murder

Essay, term paper, research paper:  History Essays

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Brent Staples' A Brother's Murder

A belief I feel very strongly about proposes that all problems faced by
our society have solutions. If this belief is true, why do problems still face
us today? The answer could be a result of either laziness by the people in our
society in finding these solutions or just the fact that there are too many
problems to solve. Maybe this belief I have is too far out of reach to be true.
On the other hand, Brent Staples, a well-respected writer, seems to share this
idea with me. In his works, he displays a great deal of motivation to solve
particular problems faced by society. In "A Brother's Murder," he uses a
personal account of murder within the streets caused by social placement to
illustrate the problem within the lower class. After reading this article, I
questioned the stability of our society, and the overall severity of this
problem of murder in the streets.
The inner streets of our nations' cities have, over the years, proven to
be war zones. Gangs are roaming the streets to protect their territory, making
gunplay an everyday task. The smell of fear, death, and misguided souls reek to
the nose of the onlooker. Brent Staples does an outstanding job of describing
the severity of these problems. His brother, Blake, leads a life molded by this
street life. His official cause of death was murder. However, at the young age
of twenty-two years old, they should have noted his death as a casualty of war.
He played a part in the war of gangs and guns. If he did not live in the inner
streets of Roanoke, Va., he would probably be alive today. In most other parts
of the country, you can have an argument with one of your best friends and not
get killed over it. Blake was shot six time s by a good friend over an argument
about a former girlfriend.
Brent Staples grew up in the same type of atmosphere as his little
brother Blake. As Staples explains in paragraph four of "A Brother's Murder," he
chose a different lifestyle. He disagreed with the childish attitude of the
death-ridden people on his street. He chose a path of going to college and
leading a successful career. He was lucky enough and smart enough to leave
those streets. "Upwardly mobile" was how Brent put it. In Blake's lifestyle
moving up means killing more people to gain social standing within his gang.
Brent took a trip to his brother's home to intervene with his situation.
What he saw was someone taken over by life on the streets. He was obsessed by
this lifestyle of teetering between life and death, because that was all for
which he had to live. This was clear on the surface, but his own brother could
look deeper. He could see his true human character. Brent saw his brother as a
human being who he cared deeply for and wanted to help. However, when our
society looks at these people killing each other, they see young kids with no
hope and no feelings. I believe this inability to give people a chance is what
cause this instability in our social structure. If everyone could try to make a
difference like Brent did with his brother, we would have more stability in our
After reading this article, I came up with many unanswered questions.
First, I would have like to have seen more detail about the relationship between
Brent and Blake. I feel like this would have added more emotion and detail to
the story. A final question to be discussed is concerning Brent's actions with
his brother. Could he have done more to save his brother's life? It took Brent
ten years to go back to his brother to help. Also, was it right of Brent to
shut out his hometown, knowing that this would affect his brother?
Brent Staples' "A Brother's Murder" appeared in a 1986 edition of New
York Time Magazine. Brent continues to write editorials regularly for the New
York Times. I had the opportunity to browse through some of his recent articles
at the library. He continues today to write about life in the streets and other
problems with unfound solutions. Brent Staples is a true humanitarian, and with
his articles shows a lot of care in making a change.


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