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Essay/Term paper: Paula jones' lawsuit against bill clinton

Essay, term paper, research paper:  History Essays

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Paula Jones' Lawsuit Against Bill Clinton

A lawsuit has been filed by Paula Jones, a clerk for the Arkansas Industrial
Development Commission, for sexual harassment by then Governor Clinton. In her
lawsuit, Paula Jones states that Clinton told an Arkansas State trooper to
escort her to a private hotel room where she claims that she was sexually
harassed. There are two sides to this case: Clinton states that he did not do
it and that he has never seen this person before. Clinton's lawyers say that
forcing the president of the United States to answer to a lawsuit will distract
him for his already hard and time-consuming job. On the other hand, Paula Jones
says that "no one is above the law," not even the President of the United States.
What she wants most is for the truth to come out and for her story to be heard.
"In no way is she looking for her fifteen minutes of fame," Jones says. The
case is going before the Supreme Court to decide whether to reverse the decision
of the two lower courts and delay the sexual harrassment lawsuit until President
Clinton leaves office. It could be months before the verdict from the Supreme
Court will be announced. I believe that the case should be held at a later date
when President Clinton is no longer in office. It takes away from his job which
is to run the United States of America. Fifteen years ago, the Supreme Court
blocked a damage suit against Richard Nixon with a five to four vote finding
that the president is immune from being suied for his official acts. If the
president gets in trouble, the whole nation is also in trouble because after all
we did elect him. Our confidence in our political leaders will suffer, and out
system of government will be impacted negatively. If Paula Jones is allowed to
sue the president, then others may follow, creating an even greater impact on
the president and his duties. This would be especially unfortunate if the
president did not commit the crime of which he is accused. The president should
be immune from being sued until he is out of office so the he can continue to
run our great nation without the extra worries.


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