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Essay/Term paper: Capital punishment: for

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Capital Punishment: For

With out the death penalty families of murder victims would be delt a
double blow. Many families feel that the only justice they could posiblly
recive is having the murder put on death row. In the book "Rights of
execcution" by louis Mansor there was a case where a girl had both her parents
brudally murdered, the book reads "She cries every day, she doesn't sleep
through a single night and she thinks apart of her died too. She doesn't find
much joy on anything." Don't you think is a moral obligation to her, and her
family, and it would also bring justice to society to put the criminal on Death
These kind of people get enjoyment out of hurting and killing inocent
people. Just look at Richard Allen Davis, Poly Classes murder. First he admits
to killing Poly, and then he made an obsence gesture with his hands to million
of people of on tv. And Finally to make every thing worse, when he gets to make
a statement, he claimed that poly told him that her dad abused her. This
statement out raged many people, including Mr. Clauss. Just sit here and think
how he feels. His daughter was just brutully murdered... and on top of all this
he has to control his rage in the court room. Put your self in shoes for a
minute, would you really want this man back on the streets on parolle for good
behavior in prison. Would you find any relief in knowing he is locked up in a
comfy jail cell with cable tv, and recieving a chance for parolle in 20 or so
years. No this man needs to be on death row, awaiting execution.
Rehabilitation isn't used on death row because the criminals have aready
been found to be a future risk to society, but if there was no Death Penalty do
you think a man like Richard Allen Davis could possibly be rehabilitated under
the current inmate program. It isn't likely. Only 10% of people in the program
are rehabilitated, these criminals are just to dangerous to be put back on the
street. The majority of the time they commit a second crime. The only kind of
rehab criminals recieve on death row, is phyciatric care. They are examend to
see if they are sane enough to be executed. So this shows what kind of people
we are dealing with. The only 100% rehabilitation is execution. Not one of
those criminals ever comited another crime.


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