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Essay/Term paper: Against censoring harmless obscene language

Essay, term paper, research paper:  History Essays

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Against Censoring Harmless Obscene Language

Why the !@#$ would any &*$% head want to censor @#$ &*$% offensive language? I
mean what the !@#$??

Did any of that offend anyone? Would it if I had used the actual words?
I hope it wouldn't because I sure didn't intend for it to. But then again, if
it did, well, don't take this personally, but, you don't need to be reading this.
I'm sorry, but I am not forcing you to. No one is. Close your eyes if someone
puts it in front of you, sing the Macarena a loud if someone reads it to you,
whatever. The fact of the matter is, freedom of speech is the law. I have in my
hand, not that you would know this, the Constitution of the United States of
America. In this constitution, there is this little thing called the Bill of
Rights which contains the first ten amendments, the first being the freedom of
speech. Article I of the United States Constitution states, "Congress shall
make no law…abridging the freedom of speech." Translated, this asserts that I
can say what ever the !@#$ I want to.† Ooh, I'm sorry, I hope you closed your
eyes and washed your ears out with soap. If not, too $%@# bad!
My belief is that nothing should be censored. Nothing. It is every
person's right and responsibility to shield him or herself from any language and
other audio and visual provided I do not say anything false which could hurt
another person's reputation messages that is found demeaning to the individual.
One person may find my !@#$%& language offensive, yet another may find my
language rather humorous and meaningful. I feel that when I use offensive
language, I am more thoroughly stressing my point. Allow me to demonstrate my
point. I have just been shot in the knee cap on my way to the Noble Prize Award
Dinner, and I will now be disqualified as a contestant for the Noble Peace Prize.
I then say to the bad man, "Ow…that hurt. Why…did you…do…that…to me?" The man
who has done this awful deed will feel no remorse and carry on whistling It's a
wonderful life. Now, let's try this again with a more meaningful message. "Son
of a !@%$#!!! What the !@#$ did you @#$ &*$% do that for you #$%& ^*%&$ #$$
%&$% $&*% &$ $%*$%????" The man will now have a better sense of what pain he
has brought me. He will still obviously run and hide and do nothing about what
he did, but he'll more than likely feel more guilty for what he did.
Censoring is a big issue in this country, yet there is no need for all
this pointless arguing and bickering. There is nothing that gets displayed on
television, in the movies, or on the radio that is not already roaming the
streets in the real world. Everyone uses offensive language. Why should it be
censored on television? It is not causing anyone any harm. "Sticks and stones
can break my bones, but words will never hurt me." This old rhyme makes a valid
point. If I put a gun to your head and pull the trigger, I'll more than likely
hurt you; if I say you are a @#$%, I've only offended you but have caused no
real damage. Everyone should learn this phrase and keep it around to remind
themselves that no harm is being done to them. And if they still feel as though
they do not want to hear anything that they find offensive, then they should
just turn down the volume, walk away, dance a jig while singing the theme to
"Barney", or all three at once. I don't care.
There is only one concept that can even begin to argue for the side of
censorship and that is morality in conjunction with personal feelings. However,
that is not good enough because no one has the same personal feelings on
morality, and no one can compete with the law. As long as there is balanced
dispute among the people of the United States, the law will not and can not
change. People can argue it, people can attempt to change it, but for now the
law declares that every person has a right to their freedom of speech, and until
that law is changed, which would be unconstitutional to do so, censorship of
language is illegal. Unfortunately, no compromise can legally be made on this
issue. The only way to legally have forced censorship is to change the law, and
in order to do that, the country will need some new congressmen. To put it
simply, no one can be forced to censor obscene language until the law is changed.
All the people of the world have their own beliefs. Mine is simple. I
am strictly against the censoring of harmless obscene language. In fact, one
could say that I even encourage it. It really helps to get one's feelings
across to other people. And in addition to this, there is the legal issue which
states that no rights of speech will be abridged by Congress. And if you know
me, you'd know that I'd be the first to follow the law and back the government


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