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Essay/Term paper: The hardships of a new nation

Essay, term paper, research paper:  History

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There were many hardships in the begining of America within the government,

domestically, and with foreign policy. Mostly between the years of 1789 -

1824. These are some of the topics I will be explaining. Judiciary Act of

1789, Whiskey Rebellion, Alien and Sedition Acts, Luisianna Purchase,

Missurri Compromise, and the 12th Amendment.

Domestically there were problems/hardhips as a new country. But the

Judiciary Act of 1789 helped that problem out a lot, it answered critical

questions, creating judicial structure and that has remained essentially

intact. It provided for a supreme court consisting of a Cheif Justice and

five associate justices. It also set up three federal circuit courts and

thirteen federal district courts throughout thee country. During

Washingtons second term, congress had passed a protective tariff, an

important tax on goods produced in europe. Most whiskey producers were

small fronteir farmers. Their major crop was corn. The farmers distilled

the corn into whiskey which could be more easily sent to the market on the

backs of mules. In 1794 the farmers refused to pay the tax and Hamilton

looked upon the whikey rebellion as an opportunity to show that the govt.

could enforce a law along the wetern frontier.

Alien and Sedition Acts and the Luisiana Purchase were harships within the

foriegn policy part of our new nation. The alien acts raised the residence

requirement for American citizenship from five years to fourteen years and

allowed the president to deport or jail any alien uconsidered undesirable.

The seditiona act set fines and jail terms for anyone expressing opinions

considered damaging to the government. With the Luisiana Purchase which

included all the land drained by the western tributaries of the Mississippi

River the size of the United States more than doubled. Jefferson who

wanted to simplify and decentralize the government, had instead expanded the

power of the presidency and the central government.

he last thing I wil be discussing will be the harships we faced in our

Government as a new nation. Like the Missouri Compromise. Under the

leadership of Henry Clay, however, congress managed to temporarily resolve

the crisis with a series of agreements collectively called the Missouri

Compromise. Maine was admitted as a free state , thus preserving the

sectional balance in the senate. South of the slavery line was legal.

North of the line, except in Missouri, slavery was banned.

As you can see above there were many hardships as we formed a new nation,

luckily we dont have as many problems now as we did then. 

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