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Essay/Term paper: William few

Essay, term paper, research paper:  History

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William Few, what would we do without you?

He was born in Baltimore in 1748, but his story begins long before his birth. It started when his father"s family immigrated to Pennsylvania in 1680"s. His father just so happened to move to Maryland, where he met his wife, married her, and settled in Baltimore where William was to be born. William had many hard times and little schooling until he was ten, when his family moved to North Carolina.

In 1771 William, his father, and his brother joined the regulators, frontiers men who fought against the British royal governor. Because of that his brother was hung and his father"s farm destroyed. The Few"s were forced to move again, now to Georgia. William stayed in North Carolina living by himself until 1776. When he got to Georgia he was accepted to the Bar and began to practice the law in Augusta.

When the revolutionary war began Few sided with the Whig cause, which was the side of the war fighting for America"s freedom from British rule. Even though Few had little schooling as a child he proved leadership and won a lieutenant-colonelcy, a very high rank in the minutemen army. Few also began to take interest in politics and were elected Georgia provincial congress of 1776. He also was and the state executive, surveyor general, Indian commissioner, as well as served in the Continental Congress general. Few was also reelected to the Georgia assembly.

Four years later Few was picked to be one of the six state delegates to the constitutional convention. Two of the state delegates did not attend the convention. Two did not stay for the duration. Few did not attend much of the convention, and never made a speech. But he helped nationalists vote, and helped have congress approve the constitution. He also approved the state ratifying convention. He became one of Georgia"s first U.S. senators. And was reelected in the Georgia assembly once again.

William Few helped shape America in so many ways it is impossible to count. He risked his life for his beliefs and new founded country. Few made it on his own without any proper schooling. William Few was one of the most spectacular men in America"s history.

William Few I solute you!


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