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Essay/Term paper: The war at gettysburg

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Humanities Essays

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The War at Gettysburg

By Nick Jones

Getting There

On the way to Gettysburg was tough. It was a long hard and tough journey
getting there because there was no other way to get there for the army besides
walking. It was so hard that some people died, and some got sick. The trip there
was very long. Only about half all the people going there survived. The most of
all people that died were Confederate men.

The Population

There was a lot of people involved in The War at Gettysburg. Major Joseph
Hooker had 115,000 men in his army. Major Robert E. Lee had only 70,000
Confederate men in his army. Brig. General John Buford had opnly 4,000 men in
his section of the confederate army. 9,000 of the Union died, 5,000 of the men
scattered, and some 40,000 of the men held the ridge.

Their Life

The sodliers had a horrible life. Almost all of the soldiers worked night
and day.They all risked their life to defend their armys and Union. Most of them
got scared. Most died because they either got shot or the war was to hard for
them. Some ran away, because they got scared, Their goal was to defend their

What Happened

The Confederate went to war with the union in a small town called
Gettysburg. The Union majorally beat the Confederate. 28,000 were wounded,
captured, and killed from the Confederate. Major General George Meade some
23,000 Union Men, that was nearly a quater of his men. The war was over on July
3, 1863. The Union had won the war.


The men nedded alot and I mean alot of supplies. Most men needed Clothes,
Blankets,food, medicine, gun supplies, horses, wagons, cattle,and scores. They
needed sauerkraut, thought to be remedy for diarrhea that plagued thousands of
soldiers. They basically needed everything.

Important People

There was alot of people in The War at Gettysburg. Her are all of the
names of the army people.


The Army of the potomac

Major General George Meade; Commanding
Major General Joseph Hooker; Previous Commander
Maj.Gen. Abner Doubleday
Maj.Gen. Winfield Hancock
Maj.Gen. Oliver Howard
Maj.Gen. John Reynolds
Maj.Gen. John Sedgwick
Maj.Gen. Daniel Sickles
Brig.Gen.John Buford
Brig.Gen.Henry Hunt
Brig.Gen.Gouverneur Warren
Col. Arthur Devereux
Lt. Alonzo Cushing
Major General Ulysses S. Grant commanding at Vicksburg


The Army of Northern Virginia

Gen. Robert E. Lee
Lt.Gen. Richard Ewell
Lt.Gen. Ambrose Hill
Lt.Gen.James Rangstreet
Major General Richard Anderson
Major General Jabal Early
Major General Henry Heth
Major General John Hood
Major General Lafayette McLaws
Major General George Pickette
Major General Robert Rodes
Major General J.E.B. Stuart
Brig.Gen.William Barkdale
Brig.Gen. James Pettigrew
Col. E. Porter Alexander
Col. William Oates


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