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Essay/Term paper: Should adopted children be allowed to locate their biological parents?

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Humanities Essays

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Should Adopted Children Be Allowed To Locate Their Biological Parents?

A touchy topic these days is whether or not the option should be open
for adopted children to be able to locate their biological parents. There are
some many circumstances for each different case that it is hard to know where
exactly I stand on this topic. Over all, I do not think that you should locate
your biological parents.
There are many reasons for this. For one thing, learning information on
the person who gave you up is a long drawn out process. It can be very
emotionally painful, as well. For whatever reason you were given up for
adoption; death, financial problems, to young, etc it¹s private information and
should remain that way. The decision was made a long time ago because it was the
best one at that time.
Think about the birth parents involved. What happens after you spend a
few months or more of your life trying to locate these people only to have a
door shut in your face? How would you feel if that were to happen? The chances
of this happening are pretty good. Yes, there are happy reunions on talk shows
that turn out for the better, but that is not always the reality. These people
gave up their birth rights many years ago and should not go back on that. They
have moved on with their lives and might not want to be reminded what could have
been. So many hurt feelings and feelings of guilt could come flying back and
then put more of a burden on both of your lives.
There is another factor to think about in this situation. How is your
family suppose to react to this and how are they supposed to feel? This is the
loving family that took you in as there own for all these years, are they
supposed to be fully supportive of your choice now? This is an extremely hard
position to be put in because they could be afraid of losing you and dealing
with this change will be very difficult.
These are just a few things that you should strongly consider before
attempting to locate your biological family. I strongly advise against it, but
obviously, it is your decision. Good luck in what you decide is best.


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