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Essay/Term paper: Computers in education

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Information Technology

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Computers in Education

The typical school has 1 computer per 20 students, a ratio that computer
educators feel is still not high enough to affect classroom learning as much as
books and classroom conversation.

Some critics see computer education as merely the latest in a series of
unsuccessful attempts to revolutionise education through the use of audio- and
visually-oriented non print media. For example, motion pictures, broadcast
television, filmstrips, audio recorders, and videotapes were all initially
heralded for their instructional potential, but each of these ultimately became
minor classroom tools alongside conventional methods.

Communications Satellite

A communications satellite is an artificial SATELLITE placed into orbit around
the Earth to facilitate communications on Earth. Most long-distance radio
communication across land is sent via MICROWAVE relay towers. In effect, a
satellite serves as a tall microwave tower to permit direct transmission between
stations, but it can interconnect any number of stations that are included
within the antenna beams of the satellite rather than simply the two ends of the
microwave link.

Computer Crime

Computer crime is defined as any crime involving a computer accomplished through
the use or knowledge of computer technology. Computers are objects of crime when
they or their contents are damaged, as when terrorists attack computer centres
with explosives or gasoline, or when a "computer virus" a program capable of
altering or erasing computer memory is introduced into a computer system.

Personal Computer

A personal computer is a computer that is based on a microprocessor, a small
semiconductor chip that performs the operations of a c.p.u.

Personal computers are single-user machines, whereas larger computers generally
have multiple users. Personal computers have many uses such as: Word processing,
communicating to other computers over a phone line using a
modem,databases,leisure games are just some of the uses of a Personal Computer.

Computers for Leisure Games

As they proliferated, video games gained colour and complexity and adopted the
basic theme that most of them still exhibit: the violent annihilation of an
enemy by means of one's skill at moving a lever or pushing a button.

Many of the games played on home computers are more or less identical with those
in video arcades. Increasingly, however, computer games are becoming more
sophisticated, more difficult, and no longer dependent on elapsed time a few
computer games go on for many hours. Graphics have improved to the point where
they almost resemble movies rather than rough, jagged video screens of past
games. Some of the newest arcade games generate their graphics through C.D
R.O.M. Many include complicated sounds, some even have music and real actors.
Given an imaginative programmer, a sophisticated video game has the potential
for offering an almost limitless array of exotic worlds and fantastic situations.

In the early 90s parents and government were becoming increasingly aware of
violence in video games so they introduced warnings on the box like in the


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