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Essay/Term paper: Computer technician

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Information Technology

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Computer Technician

I Believe a Computer Technician is a good career for me because I have
been around computers for many years now and enjoy them. I began to learn the
basics of computers from my father when I was about 9 years old. Since then I
have pretty much taught myself and took off in the computer field. I now have 7
networked computers " linked together ", help run an internet provider and build
web pages.
About a year ago my Uncle changed jobs and now he is a Computer Technician.
I have been working with him and really enjoy it.

Five Tasks a Computer Technician May Perform

Generally there are five tasks a Computer Technician has to perform such as :
conducting research, analyzing systems, monitoring software and hardware, fixing
hardware and software and designing computers.

Working Conditions
The working conditions of a Computer Technician varies. It depends on
where and who you are working for. Usually the average working environment is
indoors, quiet, temperature controlled and usually alone.

Working Schedule

The working hours vary as well. Computer Technician's are on call 24 hours 7
days a week due to the fact that most companies computers are running all the
time and cannot wait long for their computer to be fixed.


The average salary for a Computer Technician is approximately $65,500 per
To become a Computer Technician you need one or two years of technical
training and you must have good math skills Which most technical and vocational
schools offer. There are no licensing or exams needed to pass to become a
Computer Technician.
Certain personal qualities are needed to become a Computer Technician such
as good eyesight, good hearing and the ability to work without supervision.
Certain skills are needed as well such as how different computers function and
work with others.
Computer Technician employment opportunities exist now as listed in the
want ad's and are going to continue to grow in the future.
To become a Computer Technician you might want to pursue business courses,
advanced math and computer courses during high school.
To prepare myself to become a Computer Technician I am going to have to
take advantage of math classes to improve my math skills and take computer
classes that are being offered in high school.
In my opinion a Computer Technician is the best choice for me because I
have been around computers for so long, enjoy them and like solving other
peoples and companies computers.


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