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Essay/Term paper: The positouch system

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Internet

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The POSitouch System

Convention and Group Sales
Sunday, April 06, 1997 POSitouch The POSitouch system was conceived in
1982, by the Ted and Bill Fuller, owners of the Gregg's Restaurant chain. They
were looking to increase the efficiency of there restaurants through the use of
computer technology. During there search they found systems but none meeting
there total needs. That is why the Fullers created the company, (R.D.C)
Restaurant Data Concepts. RDC keeps developing better and more efficient
equipment to be used in the food service industry.
information, and speeds operations. 1.) People will become dependent
on technology. So
when it fails they will
2.) Tighter labor controls. probably not
be trained or prepared to be
with out it. 3.)
No need to hire or pay a bookkeeper. 2.) Takes time to train people to work
efficiently on
POSitouch. 4.) Calculates food costs and menu mix.

3.) POSitouch is expensive to
the small
5.) Tighter controls over orders taken. business
owner. The smallest system
Cuts down on free meals waiters give out. that they have
installed cost under
$10,000. 6.) Can
order (via modem) and keep track of

7.) Built-in modem allows technical support
via modem, and on line access to reports
available at anytime, even historical reports..

8.) Sales trend analysis.

9.) Credit Card authorization with draft capture.

10.) Easy to customize, to meet the needs of
many different types of operations.

11.) Increased speed means, increased turnover.

Overall, I feel that POSitouch is well worth the initial expense. It should be
looked at as an investment, saving time, and money in all areas needing tight
controls. This management tool has been shown to cut labor, and food costs in
many food service establishments, not to mention the speed of the system, which
could easily increase turnover. There is one important key that should be
recognized for restaurants planning to utilize this system. Be prepared for
technology to fail. If it fails the managers and staff should be capable of
staying open without the POSitouch system. The thing that I like most about
this system is that you can truly tell that it was developed by people in the
food service industry, do to its completeness.


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