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Essay/Term paper: Secret addiction

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Internet

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Secret Addiction

Addictions are present in almost all of us. Whether it's a chemical
dependence, or simply talking on the phone, they can start to control your life
before you can even realize what is happening. Just a couple of years ago, I
had a problem peeling myself away from a certain activity. As odd as it may
sound, my own computer dominated my life.
I remember the situation quite clearly. In the typical day, I would
return home from school at around 3:00 or so. You see, most kids would set
their backpack down in their bedroom, head to the kitchen and grab a snack. On
the other hand, I was different.
The second I walked through the door, I would immediately throw my
backpack on the floor, quickly open the refrigerator and grab whatever food item
was in sight, and would then proceed to dart up the stairs to the computer chair.

Upon start-up of the computer, a warm and pleasant feeling would vibrate
through my entire body, straight down my spine. It almost felt as if I was in
some sort of heaven. Every keystroke of the keyboard sent a refreshing burst of
pleasure in each of my finger tips. The glowing monitor emitted delightful rays
that pleased and calmed my eyes. Oh yes, it was great to be home.
Of course, this does not even compare to the long and never-ending hours
I would spend on this machine. Although my bedtime was supposed to be around 10
or 11 in the evening, I would manage to stay up on this computer until sometimes
as late as 3 in the morning, and this was on school nights as well.
I never really realized how serious this was, until one day my best
friend Trevor called me up on the phone. He told me about a hot new movie that
was out, and I found myself making an excuse as to why I could not make it. But
of course, the real reason was because I had work to do on the computer.
However, the only work I had to do was to play that incredible new video game
that was just released.
It wasn't until that situation where I finally woke up out of my trance,
and discovered something that completely blew me away -- I really did not have a
life. Every time I went on the computer after that occurrence, a feeling of
guilt swept through my body.
What was it about this machine that forces me to stay on it for so long?
After long hours of thought on the matter, I came to a some-what logical
conclusion: it has the power to hypnotize me.
After these and other events, I successfully was able to limit myself at
the number of hours I was involved in it. I found myself doing more activities
with my friends and family, eating a regular diet, and even sleeping. To this
day, I am still in disbelief on how many hours I really did spend on that thing,
but one thing is for sure, my addiction has vanished.


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