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Essay/Term paper: Technology advances

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Internet

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Technology Advances

My report is on Computer Games and the advancements in technology. I am very
intersted in this field because of the rapid change in out society that pretty
much requires a person to own a computer.

Whenever there is work, there must be pleasure; thus resulting in computer games.
In the beginning there were games like "Pong", single pixel tennis. On each
end of the screen there were two bars and the object was to hit a square pixel
back and forth in an attempt to score.

These types of games were good, but as technology advanced , graphics and sound
were in demand. From the ATARI came NINTENDO ( I am skipping a few minute
advances in technology like the ODDESY) Then Nintendo, which dominated the
market at the time, soon had competition with SEGA. Both of these systems were
16 bit. Theses machines still weren't enough to satisfy consumers for a while so
thay came out with the most significant change yet. The change from cartridges
to CD's.

I believe the first one to use CD technology was 3DO. The 3DO was now the item
on evey childs mind. The 3DO featured stunning 3D Graphics as well as the
quality sound you recieved froom AUDIO CD's. The only reason this machine did
not dominate the market was it's price tag, a whopping 300$. Alot to pay for
your childs (or husbands) entertainment.

The only prblem I find with sytems like the SEGA, NINTENDO, and 3DO is the lack
of variety. When PC's became sensible in the home there was really no
comparison exept in the price. 2,000$ for a PC or 300$ for a 3DO the difference
is quite clear. I hope that this essay has been informative.


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