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Essay/Term paper: Essay on the movie "lord of the flies"

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Lord of the Flies

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Essay On the Movie "Lord of the Flies"

After viewing the movie The Lord of the Flies, I would say that this movie is
not worth watching. In this essay I will give 3 good reasons why one should
not waste time watching this film. The 3 reasons are the music, special effects,
and the bad setting/props.

First of all the music in the Lord of the Flies movie does not match the scenes
to the movie. My first example is the choir song, Jacks choir always sings. I
would say it was not suitable for the choir. The song kept repeating, and
repeating, I really got irritated hearing it over and over again. My second
example is when the boys were hunting for the beast. The music was too slow.
It didn't match mood of the boys when they were hunting. The music showed as if
the boys are going to a party.

Secondly, The special effects in the movie was not done properly for the film.
My first example is the editing of the movie, explains they did not edit the
movie carefully. When a scene was cut you could focus on a different picture,
then go back to what happened. My second example is that the movie was black
and white. Since their was a lot of special effect in the film the movie should
have been coloured. The special effects would have looked neater since a lot of
killing was shot. If the movie was coloured the audience would focus on the
screen often, rather than seeing a black and white screen.

The settings and the props were not prepared well. My first example is that the
boys shirts, were clean everyday. Their clothes should be black and grey,
because of the dirt and all the smoke from the fire. For example Simons' shirt
was a clean as white, when Simon was watching the other boys spill blood out of
the pig. The island was to big, as the book describes it. There was no platform,
and scar as described in the book.

In conclusion, you should watch a coloured version of The Lord of the Flies. I
would suggest that the book is also great to read. That's why I'm saying that
this movie is not worth watching because the 3 good reasons I gave explains why.


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