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Essay/Term paper: Tom sawyer

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Mark Twain

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Tom Sawyer

Tom Sawyer is a boy who is full of adventures. In his world there is an
adventure around every corner. Some of his adventures have lead him into some
bad situations but with his good heart and bright mind he has gotten out of them.
Tom lives with his aunt Polly, his cousin Mary and his bother Sid.

One of the first things to happen in the book is a memorable one, the
painting of the fence.  Tom's aunt Polly made Tom paint her fence on a Saturday
as a punishment.  Tom just hated the idea of having to work on a Saturday while
all of the neighborhood could make fun of and harass him.  After Tom tried to
trade some of his possessions for a few hours of freedom he had a stroke of
genius, instead of him paying people to work for him, he made people pay him to
paint.  Tom managed this by telling people that it isn't every day that you get
a chance to paint a fence and he thought it was fun.  He had people begging him
to paint by the time that he was finished his story. He would have taken every
boy in the town's wealth if he had not run out of paint.

On June 17th about the hour of midnight, Tom and his best friend Huck
were out in the grave yard trying to get rid of warts, when they witnessed a
murder by Injun Joe. At the time Muff Potter was drunk and asleep so Injun Joe
blamed the murder him (Muff Potter). They knew if crazy Injun Joe found out they
knew, he would for sure kill them.  Tom wrote on a  wooden board "Huck Finn and
Tom Sawyer swear to keep mum about this and they wish they may drop down dead in
their tracks if they ever tell and rot", then in their own blood they signed
their initials TS and HF.

A few days after that incident Tom, Huck and Joe decided to go and
become pirates because no one cared for their company anymore.  They stole some
food and supplies and then they stole a raft and paddled to an island in the
middle of the Mississippi River.  They stayed and pirated for several days, then
they all became so home sick that they could not bear it anymore.  The next day
Tom, Huck, and Joe showed up for their own funerals and there was much thanks
and praise.

The next big event in the town was the trial of Muff Potter for the
murder in the graveyard.  The whole town believed Injun Joe, and poor Muff was
sent to a temporary jail cell for a   week.  At the end of the week he was to be
hung unless some one in court had proved him innocent. While Muff was in jail
temporarily he was not alone. Every day Tom and Huck would go and talk to him
through the jail cell bars and on occasion bring him food. On the last day of
court, to everyone's surprise they called Tom Sawyer to the stand. Then the man
asked him where he was on the 17th of June he said "In the graveyard".  Then
when he asked who he saw do it he said with all his courage he said "Muff didn't
do it. It was Injun Joe!" and with that Injun Joe jumped out the window and ran

Tom and Huck decided that they wanted to become rich so they went to go
and find  buried treasure.  Tom and Huck dug under trees all day and night but
found nothing, then Tom said that they should go and dig for treasure in a
haunted house.  They went back two days later and went to a haunted house.  Both
the boys were scared but they both went inside anyway.  The boys dared each
other to go upstairs, so of course they went up and looked in closets for
treasure but found nothing.  Suddenly the boys heard two men talking and then
come inside.   Both of the boys got down on the floor and then they heard the
voice again, it was Injun Joe.  Injun Joe and the other man had a bag of money
and decided to bury it there.  Tom and Huck could hardly contain themselves
because they would steal it as soon as Injun Joe left.  Injun Joe was digging a
hole with his knife when he hit something, it was a box of money.  Injun Joe
decided to take all of the treasure and hide it in number two under the cross. 
When Injun Joe and the other man left Tom and Huck were furious because they
thought that all of the treasure was rightfully their's.

A few days later Becky had her long awaited picnic, and they all went to
McDougals cave. Tom showed Becky around and while they were exploring they got
lost, with only a small slice of cake to eat that Tom had shoved in his pocket
the day before along with several candles. When the town saw they were not in
church the next morning they realized that they must have forgotten them. Tom
and Becky were too far down for the search party to find with no food left and
no candles.  Tom and Becky sat by a small stream because they were tired from
exploring and had no light.  By that time Becky had became ill and it was up to
Tom to find the way out.  While Tom was looking for a way out he ran into Injun
Joe who ran off when he herd Tom yell for help.  Tom ran away also because he
feared Injun Joe would kill him.  Tom did find a way out through a small opening
that lead out to the Mississippi River.  Tom went back and got Becky and he lead
her out of the cave and eventually got her home safely.

At the same time that Tom was in the cave with Becky, Huck was watching
a tavern where Injun Joe was watching to see if he would lead him to the
treasure.  When Huck has just about given up, Injun Joe and another man left the
tavern with so bags.  Huck followed them to Widow Douglas' house and listened in
on their plan.  Injun Joe was going to hurt Widow Douglas because of what her
deceased husband did to him.  Once Huck had heard the plan he ran to the
Welshman's house and he told the story to him.  Old Welshman and his sons went
to Widow Douglas's house with their guns and had a shootout with Injun Joe and
his partner.  In the end no one was hurt and Injun Joe and his partner escaped.

A few days later Tom was at Becky's house where everyone was celebrating
the return of him and Becky.  Becky's father was talking with Tom when he
mentioned that he had the entrance on the cave closed off so that no one would
ever get lost in it again.  Tom's face went totally white.  Becky's father asked
him what was wrong he said that Injun Joe was still in the cave.  Not long after
all of the men went to the cave to investigate.  They made the gruesome
discovery of Injun Joe's body.  He had made his way to the gate but he could not
get it unlocked, he had starved to death.  Tom was finally at ease, and now he
was ready to go treasure hunting again.

A few days later Tom was allowed to see Huck once again and he brought
him up to date on his adventures.  Tom told Huck that he knew where the treasure
was an now all they had to do was go and get it.  Huck agreed to the plan and
the both of the gathered the supplies that they needed and then stole a raft. 
Tom took Huck down the river to the same place where he had gotten out of the
cave before and they both went inside.  Tom took Huck to the place where he ran
into Injun Joe and the started looking for "number two".  Not after long Tom and
Huck found a roman numeral two written in smoke on the cave wall.  Under the
number two there was a cross.  Tom and Huck were ecstatic, they started to dig
and Tom hit some boards.  Tom took the boards out, and then a ditch was
revealed.  Tom and Huck crawled into the ditch and followed it as it turned into
a tunnel.  At the end of the tunnel there was a cave.  In the cave was the money,
some food, guns, and some blankets and other clothing.  Tom and Huck filled the
bags that they had brought with them with the money and got out of the cave. 
Tom and Huck paddled their raft back home and put their money in a wagon.

Tom and Huck then pulled the wagon to Mrs Widow Douglas's house.  There
they were ushered inside by the old Welshman, and were told to go upstairs and
change there cloths.  They did so, and when they came down stairs they were
informed that the party was for Huck to thank him for saving Widow Douglas'
life.  During the party Widow Douglas said that Huck was going to live with her
and he was going to grow up the way that he should.  Then Tom exploded and said
that Huck did not need Widow Douglas, because he was rich.  At this comment the
room burst into laughter.  Tom said that he and Huck would prove it and went
outside.  When Tom and Huck returned they were carrying two large bags.  Tom and
Huck walked to the table and dumped the bags, they were full of money.  Everyone
was shocked, Tom and Huck explained their latest adventure and then the money
was divided evenly.  Both of the boy's money was deposited in a bank, and
rationed out to them a dollar and a quarter per week.  This is basically how the
story ends.

I liked the way that the author seems to stay in the story the entire
way and is adding things as you go along.
I liked the way that the author uses his own memories and uses actual
places and events to make his book seem more realistic.

I had no dislikes about this book I think that it is a very good story
and is written very well.


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