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Essay/Term paper: Tom sawyer essay

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Mark Twain

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In the Adventures of Tom Sawyer , Tom is to be envied because of his extremely outrageous adventures. Anyone, particularly someone of my age would be thrilled to do what he does. As the book continues, Tom shows another side; he becomes a calm, level-headed kid. His upbringing most likely contributes to his wild side as well as his responsible side.
Tom is a fun kid. He likes to play pirates, hunt for treasures and create havoc. He pretended he was Robin Hood, so much he went by the book, from clothes to daggers, excited to be an outlaw. It was important to Tom though, that while he was pretending to be Robin Hood, that the game should be like the real Robin Hood. Sometimes Tom likes to do things by the book.
He is very good person to be with in times of trouble. He helped Becky and Muff Potter by intelligence. With Becky it was the adventure in the caves without Tom and Becky would have a harder time to get out. With Muff it was that he and Huck witnessed the murder and Tom came through and told the truth. Without Tom, Muff could have been hung or go to prison for a long time.
Tom uses his head in serious situations. For example when Injun Joe was upstairs and Tom has to be quiet. It seemed nothing else mattered. Tom works best under pressure because he thinks more about it.
Somehow, Tom had sensitivity for others, even others didn"t have it for him. Like the situation with the torn page of the teachers book. Even though Tom didn"t tear the page he still took the blame for Becky when Becky was being mean to him. He got a whipping Tom didn"t care he had gotten them before that was just same as it ever was for Tom.
Tom's upbringing most likely leads to his adventurous side. The fact he doesn"t have a mother living with him probably has a little less respect for Aunt Polly than he Biological mother. He wouldn"t have less love since Aunt Polly was nice enough to take care of him.
In conclusion, Tom is just a boy who likes adventures. He pays for his mistakes most of the time. Tom is also a kid who needs more love and understanding and to have some responsibility. Maybe it is his independence that makes him that way, or maybe its because he wants more love and attention.

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