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Essay/Term paper: The adventures of tom sawyer

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Mark Twain

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To say that Tom Sawyer was an average young boy growing up in Illinois would be an understatement. "The

Adventures of Tom Sawyer", written by Mark Twain is an absolutely enchanting book. Every episode is more

exciting than the prior one, which is why this book receives five stars.

Set in the old Southwest in an almost poverty stricken shabby village called St. Petersburg. The whole town

knows one another, and of course they know each other"s business. Sunday was the holy day when everyone

would gather at the church to compare notes on the past weeks events. The children had to rely on making

good clean fun from meager surroundings. Swimming, fishing, picnicking, and playing "Hide n' seek" in the long

hot summer days were all good ways to pass the time.

But Tom was more venturesome than that, and with his best friend Huckleberry Finn, he lived everyday to its

fullest. Tom had a little more schooling than Huck, but Huck was growing up on the streets and surviving just fine

considering that his father was a drunk. Tom had a good home, being raised by his Aunt Polly, (his mother died

so her sister took him in). He also lived with his half-brother, Sid, whom's main objective in life was to make

Tom"s miserable by ratting him out all the time, and his quiet cousin Mary. His antics were ingenious though.

The way that he turned whitewashing the fence as a punishment into a grand experience for all of the boys in

town who couldn"t wait to hold the brush and paint. Tom was not a bad boy, just an inquisitive one who"s mind

never rested… always dreaming, and making his dreams sound so good, he could always rope Huck Finn into

his escapades.

Tom couldn"t lie, and he couldn"t see someone suffer for the sins of another, as seen when he tells the truth

about the murder of Dr. Robinson. It took real guts to point the finger at "Injun Joe", the half-breed, who was also

one of the most despicable scoundrels in the town. Tom was also loyal to his friends, and showed that when he

wouldn"t tell that Huck Finn was with him that night the doctor was killed in the graveyard. Tom also couldn"t

leave Becky Thatcher in the cave when they were lost and she had all but given up hope of being found.

Becky and Huck knew what kind of young gentleman Tom could be. Becky was his true love, although their

relationship had some very rocky times, as pictured when they were trying to make one another jealous at

school. They were both talking with another, but they kept their eyes on each other, looking for a glint of

jealousy, but neither would make the first move, and they wound up hurting one another. Tom remained true to

Becky when he covered for her after she accidentally tore a page in the teacher"s book. Mr. Dobbins went

around the classroom asking each student if they knew who ripped the page, and just before he got to Becky,

Tom jumped up and said that he did it, knowing full well that he would receive a lashing from Mr. Dobbins after


Huck learned to appreciate Tom when he, Tom, and Joe ran away to the island to be pirates. The way that Tom

convinced the boys, even though they were homesick, to stay on the island until Sunday was wonderful. Their

return home during their funeral services after everyone believed they were dead, was brilliant. Making a grand

entrance, receiving hugs and kisses from their loved ones, and not being scolded for running away was just

perfect. Why he even had the townspeople glad to see Huck, even though they really didn"t know him.

Tom was always looking for the easy way to make money. While hunting for buried treasure, he and Huck found

more than they bargained for. They found out that Injun Joe was alive, and had a great deal of gold in a box he

was going to hide. Huck followed him, and wound up hearing that he was planning to rob and kill the widow

Douglas. Huck became a hero when he saved the widow by telling the Welshman"s, who went to her house,

chased Injun Joe away, and rescued her. The boys finally went and recovered Injun Joe"s floods of gold that he

had buried in the cave, (Tom found the spot when Becky and he were lost in there for days), and claimed it for

their own. They finally had their reward. The big payoff for being fine young men with just a little bit of spice and

vinegar to keep things happening in the town very interesting. Huck got a home with the widow Douglas. Tom

received some much do love and attention from Aunt Polly and Becky.

This book is a classic, and it will live on forever. It is enjoyable, and it keeps you wanting to read more and

more. It is a great book for everyone to read, girls and boys alike. I especially think that boys from twelve to

fifteen will really enjoy it because they can put themselves in Tom"s place, and dream that they are doing all of

the wild things that Tom did. This book shows that there is good in everyone, whether they are rich or poor,

young or old, boy or girl, even the feisty troublemakers of the town. I enjoyed this book immensely, and highly

recommend it for others to read. 

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