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Essay/Term paper: Comparison of mary shelly's frankenstein to movies and tv show's frankenstein

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Movie Reviews

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Comparison Of Mary Shelly's Frankenstein to Movies and TV Show's Frankenstein

There have been many misgivings about the book Frankenstein. In movies
and T.V. Frankenstein is portrayed as a monster. This monster will not stop at
anything to hurt or destroy others. He usually has a green hue to his
complection and has bolts coming out the sides of his neck. The bolts symbolize
the way the monster was brought to life, through electricity. Also he usually
wears a black suit with black pants. This shows the darkness that surrounded
the monster. In most of the movies and T.V. shows, Frankenstein walks like a
zombie moving very slowly.
In T.V. shows and movies, Frankenstein was portrayed as being very
stupid. He was unable to talk or read. The monster would just rome the world
looking for people to torment. But, in the movie "Frankenstein, with Boris
Karloff, the monster befriended a blind man. I think he had this friend because
the man could not see the face of the monster.
Mary Shelly's Frankenstein was very different from the movies and T.V.
shows. For one thing the monster was not even called Frankenstein. Victor
Frankenstein was the name of the doctor who created the monstrosity. Before the
doctor created the monster he was a work of art.
"I had selected his features as beautiful. Beautiful!," this is what
Victor said when he saw the monster before it was alive. Afterwards it was the
ugliest thing the doctor had laid his eyes upon. Unlike the movies, the monster
was very nimble and could do anything an actual living human could. The monster
chased after Victor in the wastelands to exact his revenge for his being.
Nobody would love or care for him so he decided to kill Victor as an act of
The intellect of the monster was much greater in the story than in all
the T.V. shows and movies. He was able to read books and talk like any other
human. The monster composed poetry which was very beautiful. Alas, the monster
felt isolated and alone. He could not find a mate that he could love and
cherish. He finally asked the doctor to create another being like him. But,
when the doctor killed the mate off the monster was furious. He vowed to kill
all of the relatives of Victor so that he could feel the misery that the monster
felt. Although when the doctor died the monster felt remorse because the only
person the acknowledged his existence is no more.


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