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Essay/Term paper: Comparative essay, one flew over the coochoos nes book-movie

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Movie Reviews

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Comparison of Book and Movie "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"

One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest is a book written by Ken Kesey to accomplish a certain mood within it's chapters. The feelings and moods given in the book differ greatly from those in the movie because of multiple changes in character development. Each and every time a movie is produced from a book, the producers are forced to change parts of the story in order to suit the audiences needs for a faster paced plot. It is impossible to capture every mood or setting which the author creates. What is lost can sometimes be the real meaning behind the story.
The characterization of chief Bromden is a good example of the changes made from book to movie. His past is a vital piece of information contributing to the mood and understanding of the story. In the movie, Bromden is nothing more than a crazy Indian who doesn't want to talk so pretends to be deaf and dumb. Much of the understanding and respect is lost in the transition between book and movie. In the book, Bromden has flashbacks to his childhood, lighting on significant points in his childhood. His background is never even brushed upon in the movie. Of course it would have been nearly impossible to tell of Bromdens life in a movie, much less show the world from his point of view as in the book. Bromden is still a very interesting character but the real puzzle to his problems is lost.
McMurphy is a very sly, cunning man. He knows how to play his game and does it well. In the book as McMurphy progresses, he goes through many stages where he is rebellious, then docile, then rebellious again. This is due to the fact that he learns exactly what it means to be committed and what it takes to be released. Then he begins to see that all his ward mates (I don't know what you want to call them) are counting on him so he becomes rebellious again. These reactions to his environments encourage McMurphy to be not crazy but intelligent and quick. This is exactly the way a character such as McMurphy should act. In the movie, McMurphy is not only wild but rude. He tried to never be outright rude in the book (more aggravating for the nurse) yet in the movie he was. He never stopped being wild in the movie, leading you to believe that maybe in fact he is crazy. Mcmurphy's true character was lost in the writing of the screen play, his intelligence and cunning is lowered greatly by changes made by the screen writers.
Ms. Ratched is a powerful woman in both the book and the movie. She knows how to play with peoples minds and manipulate groups. She keeps a tight grip on the ward using subtle methods which cannot be ignored to get what she wants. In the book Ms. Ratched is the most powerful woman in the hospital, what she says goes. In the movie however, she not only doesn't have complete control but it seems as though the doctor thinks himself as having authority over her. In the book she has the ability to get him replaced at any time and he knows this. This is reflected in his willingness to obey her and his lack of new ideas. The movie was probably changed just so they wouldn't have to go into detail about why and how the nurse was all powerful in the hospital Her lack of power was shown most greatly during the staff meeting when she didn't lead it and even had suggestions about her course of action made by other doctors. This gave the nurse a less intimidating personality .
The character development in the book and movie differed greatly. Each portrayed characters differently and therefore set a different scene and mood to the story. While each character is basically the same, subtle changes in their personality, place in society and background lead the viewer/reader to see each character from a different perspective.

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