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Essay/Term paper: Call of the wild

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Call of the Wild

Kerry JAy
April 1, 1997
Call of the Wild
Jack London.
104 pages, fiction book.

The Call of the Wild has a very interesting plot. It is centered around a St.
Bernard and Scotch Shepherd mix, named Buck. At home, which was a large house
in the sun, he ruled over all dogs. Buck was Judge Miller's inseparable
companion, until a man named Manuel, who was the one of the gardener's helpers,
committed a treacherous act. Manuel, to cover his Chinese lottery gambling
debts, stole Buck from his sound sleep and brought him to a flag station called
College Park. There, the exchanging of money took place. It was simple.
Manuel needed money to pay off his gambling debts, and Buck was a prime
candidate. Buck was loaded onto an express car to Seattle. When he got there,
he was bought by two men named Perrault and Francois. He was loaded onto a ship
called the Narwhal and taken to the Yukon, where he was to be trained as a sled
dog. There were other sled dogs that Buck came to know well, each with their
own unique personality. After only a short time of training, Buck was a sled
dog, traveling with the team of huskies and mix breeds from Dyea Beach, to the
town of Dawson. After several trips with Perrault and Francois, Buck was traded
to a gold seeking family. They knew nothing, or hardly nothing, about managing
a sled team. There trip began with a very bad start. The family had loaded up
their wagon with too much unneeded baggage, and it was top heavy. As the dogs
began to pull away and pull around a curve, the baggage tipped over along with
the sled and thus the unnecessary baggage was discarded, and the trip was barely
completed because of harsh weather, wrong supplies, and poor management skills
of the dog handlers. All except a man that went by the name of John Thornton,
perhaps the only sane one in the group. After one of the men repeatedly beat on
a dog, Thornton became enraged. He threatened to kill the man. A few minutes
later, the rest of the family that left Thornton behind fell through some
cracked ice and drowned. That left Buck and Thornton to fend for themselves.
The time of this book is in the great gold rush era in the Yukon and Alaska.
The rest of the book concludes what happens to Buck and John Thornton and some
of the great and strange times they have together.

I enjoyed this book because it tells about the goods and bads of wilderness life.
It doesn't just lean to one side.


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