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Essay/Term paper: Corporal punishment

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Corporal Punishment

People a few years ago,thought of the only way to punish someone who did a
sinister deed was to use corporal punishment.This is meant to enforce pain to
someone who has done wrong by hitting them,beating them,strapping them or even
whipping them.These are only a few examples of corporal punishment.
Why do we have corporal punishment,How do we benefit from it and how do we
abuse it?.
The most obvious reason for corporal punishment is to castigate one for
doing wrong by means of physical abuse expecting the individual to learn from
his or her mistake.But we must ask ourselves this question.Is the person
benefiting from this or is he or she not only being physically abused but
mentally.In some cases corporal punishment psychologically effects ones mind on
a long term bases that will stain their memory for a very long period of time.
In other cases physical punishment scars and stains the body changing its
physical appearance but only on a small scale.Corporal punishment is also used
because it is quick and in most cases effective.The mental condition of the
person being affected may worsen not only resulting to utter madness but may
also result in lack of moral strength.Most people nowadays feel that corporal
punishment is not the best answer to enforce restrictions in society as they
feel,that pain is not the best solution.
Although Corporal punishment has its disadvantages it can also make people
aware of the fact that wrong doing results in pain and agony.As more people know
the effect of misbehaving,the fewer the mistakes there would be.Michael Fae for
example, used a paint canister to spray paint on cars for fun.The result for
this action was to be strapped four times on the back.Now he realizes what he
has to face if he were to do it again.
In the past,corporal punishment was used very often especially in
schools.Now corporal punishment is banned from most of the schools around the
world because a lot of the people who administer it abuse it.Legal problems then
arises.Parents have been known to sue the schools for beating their child too
severely.They abuse corporal punishment when using it in excess and when it is
not neccessary.Because of the abusement the parents feel they have the right to
take action against the person who administers the punishment.
My conclusion is that there are a lot of other ways to teach someone what
is wrong but corporal punishment is definitely not one of them.


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