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Essay/Term paper: Santa claus

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Santa Claus

One of the most important imaginary figures on this earth, who has
touched the hearts and souls of many children, is Saint Nicholas. St. Nick,
better known as Santa Claus, is notorious for bringing gifts to children that
are in need. Known for having a huge belly and a gigantic heart, Santa Claus
brings hope to kids who are hopeless and smiles to those who have lost theirs.
While snuggled in their bed, desperately trying to catch a wink of sleep,
children around the world await the arrival of St. Nick. Dressed in red and with
a jolly old smile, he manages to fulfill the dreams of kids throughout millions
of miles. Santa Claus brings a whole new meaning to the season of Christmas.
Despite his buxom body and his bag of goods, St. Nick succeeds in
fitting down various narrow types of chimney's. Quickly yet quietly, he sneaks
in and out of houses, leaving only gifts, milk stains and cookie crumbs as
evidence of his presence. And he sets off to the next home, hoping that a lit
fire place would not come to his surprise.
The task of fulfilling the dreams of millions of children is not an easy
one. It requires many trusted helpers. These helpers include parents,
grandparents, brothers, sisters, and of course elves and reindeer. Reindeer play
an important role in the scheme of things. Without the famous Dasher, Dancer,
Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen or Rudolph, Santa would not have
any transportation. They fly faster than a speeding bullet, yet never seem to
miss a single home. Together, Santa, the elves, and the reindeer work to make
the Miracles of Christmas happen.
St. Nick not only showers children with gifts, he also instills in them
that giving is far more important than receiving. By setting this example, the
feeling of Christmas becomes alive within each and every one of our hearts.
Therefore, we are able to look at Christmas, through a whole new perspective.
Santa Claus also gives children an escape from the harsh reality of
today's world. He gives kids something to believe in when there is nothing
really to look forward to. St. Nick actually is a savior for many kids who have
had to mature pass their age.
The look on the children's face, when they awake Christmas morn,
fulfills not only their hearts but the people around them. This is the true
meaning of Christmas, and without Santa Claus, it wouldn't be the same.
White beards, magic reindeer, meaningful gifts, and enchanted sleighs only
enhance the feeling of Christmas, but that is not the principle of it all.
Santa changes the whole significance of the holiday. He shows the children
that it is not what you receive, it is what you give. Many people consider Santa
Claus to be part of a child's dream world, but society can learn many things
from old St. Nick. Remember, we all have a little piece of him inside our hearts.


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