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Essay/Term paper: Instilling a child's values

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Instilling a Child's Values

Some people think that a child learns only by what his or her parents
teach them, while others believe that a child is born with a set of values. In
actuality, a child's values are mostly determined by the things they are taught
by their parents. As parents, couples have many responsibilities toward their
child; the most important responsibility is teaching them good values and
judgement. A parent should behave as though they would want their child to
behave, give them justifiable discipline, and, at the same time, let the child
be their own person.
As a child is growing up, he spends a very large part of his life with
his parents. A child learns by seeing what his parents do and mimicking it, so
a parent's job is very crucial to a child's acquisition of good morals. A
parent must show the child the virtues of good judgement by using good judgement
in their own life. If a child witnesses an unethical act performed by his
parents, he will think that it is okay. The fact is that children who didn't
have good parents, generally, don't grow up into very respectable adults. The
old saying goes: "Monkey see, monkey do." It may sound like a cheap cliche,
but there is a lot of truth to it.
While raising a child, a parent might find that sometimes the child is
not learning the morals that the parent is trying to instill in their child. In
that case, a parent should discipline him. Discipline shows the importance of
values in a whole different way. When a child is punished for something he or
she did that was wrong, he or she learns not to do it in fear of being punished,
but after a while the child accepts the given value for what it is. Punishment
can be done several ways. Some deny their child of something such as: food,
fun, attention, or television shows with gigantic, purple dinosaurs. Other
parents discipline in a more physical way: spanking. Some believe spanking a
child is wrong, but as long as it doesn't get out of hand, it is last resort to
getting a point across. Good discipline can turn a animal-like child into a
respectable, ethical person.
Kids always yearn for freedom, and that is why a parent must be careful
with how he teaches values. If a child is pushed too far and too hard, he may
rebel the values entirely or may lose his identity. Though the parents have the
obligation of instilling their child's morals, they must trust their child at
times and let him learn some things for himself. Most children go through a
period where they feel a new sense of independence. This is the time when
parents should let go a little bit and trust the values that they have given him.
In most cases, if the parents have done a good job, the freedom will only
enhance the importance of the child's morals.
A parent's job is never truly done, but setting by example, discipline,
and freedom will make the journey through parenthood much more enjoyable and
rewarding. Most people really love their parents, whether they admit it or not.
Sometimes it may not show, but there is always a little bit of love. This love
is a child's way of saying thanks to good, responsible parents.


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