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Essay/Term paper: Managing classroom behavior

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Managing Classroom Behavior

Managing classroom behavior can be a difficult task, especially if you
have a child who is always causing disturbances. Once you have identified that
there is a problem, you should ask yourself six simple questions. The first
question asked is whether the problem is a result of inappropriate curriculum or
teaching strategies. As teachers we have a tendency to overlook the fact that
what and how we teach can contribute directly to our students behavioral
problems. Secondly, ask yourself "What do I demand and prohibit - and what
should I?" Teachers find it easier to specify what they will not tolerate than
to specify the behavior they demand. The third question to ask is "Why do
certain behaviors bother me, and what should I do about them?" As a teacher you
have to decide if this is a difference in culture or upbringing and why it
bothers you, is it inappropriate, is the behavior disturbing the other children?
There are many things to consider when a child is acting up. As the teacher, it
is your responsibility to solve these disturbances, if they are personal, you
may try ignoring them, talking with them, or even living with the problem. The
fourth question you need to ask your self is if this behavior is developmentally
significant. Although there are other types of developmentally significant
behaviors, most will fall into four primary categories: academic failure,
aggression, depression, and problems with peers. The fifth question to ask is,
"Should I concentrate on a behavior excess or deficiency?" A behavioral excess
is something you usually want the child to stop doing. A behavior deficiency is
a behavior a student should do but doesn't. The last question to ask yourself
is if a resolution is met, will it solve anything else? The more difficult the
management problem, the more important it is to address first things first.
Keep in mind to look for key behavior, that if changed will make the greatest
difference overall.


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