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Essay/Term paper: Pow #12: the big knight switch

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Narrative Essays

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POW #12: The Big Knight Switch


For POW 12, I am asked if four knight's, (two black and two white) can
switch places, while perpendicular to each other, (meaning two black knights are
on one side of a 3x3 chess board with two white knights adjacent to them. They,
were feeling restless and decided to attempt to see if this were possible.
Keeping in mind the following guidelines:

· No two pieces can occupy the same square
· Knight's can pass or jump over each other
· The can only move two square forward and one to the right or one forward
and two to the right
· Nothing is mentioned about proper turns, i.e. white first, then black,
then white….etc.…

With those guidelines I was set to attempt to find if it were possible
for the knights to switch places with each other, following only the guidelines


In first approaching this POW, I reviewed for what it was exactly this
POW was asking for, making a clear mental image of the POW embed itself into my
mind. After carefully re-reading the POW and its guidelines, I had a somewhat
solid idea of how to approach it.
I first made a custom 3x3 chess board, and included the chess pieces
(two black and two white). I placed each in their appropriate sections and
proceeded to attempt to solve the problem. I calculated it to take each piece a
minimal of four moves to reach the other side of the board so I instantly knew I
would require 16 boxes for my diagram. But rather then going through that
process, I decided to take a much easier one, that being by simply drawing a 3x3
chess board with the chess pieces. After completing it, I began by simply
plotting the points and attempting to figure out the process through which I
would go through to solve this POW. I was quickly amazed when I found the answer
only minutes after originally starting. I re-tracked my steps and made the
diagram included. Since, I already knew, prior to starting, that each would
require four moves before reaching the other side, I traced the route each would
follow and devised a method in which the could move one after the other and not
interfere with each other which soon brought me to my conclusion.


The solution to POW 12, which is probable that is now evident is 16
moves which shows that they can do it, switching places that is. I know that
the least amount of moves or the smallest number of moves is 16 because it would
take each individual knight four moves to move to the other side of the board,
which means 4 multiplied by 4 is 16 moves total. The diagram I provided explains
how I reached this thoroughly through expression of art… (lol). Using the
known fact of it taking a knight to move to the other side four moves is reason
enough for me to believe that 16 moves it the minimal amount of possible moves


An extension to this weeks POW, would be to consider a POW in which you
were attempting to move or switch the places of four knight's on a 8x8 or 4x4
chess board. To go in even further, consider the minimal moves, if possible, to
switch four bishops or rocks on a 6x6 chess board, if possible. To simplify
would be to merely increase the chessboard size for this weeks POW.


As a final evaluation for POW 12, I thought the overall thinking
required might have been somewhat of a decrease from other POW's we've had. I
found this POW straight-forward and somewhat self-explanatory. I found it easy,
with little question.


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