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Essay/Term paper: Speeding is a dead end

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Speeding Is A Dead End

Part of being a human being is learning from our mistakes. It is a
natural process that we all experience at various periods of our lives. For
instance, throughout the process of learning how to solve mathematics problems,
the only method is to practice solving the problems. During this process of
solving the problems, it is only natural to make mistakes. By comparison, in
life in general, the only way to learn to become a better person is by
correcting the mistakes that were previously experienced. During the past
eighteen years, I have learned many lessons as a result of primarily making
mistakes. My mother always told me to obey the speed limit because one day I
will unexpectedly have to pay the price. Not only could I kill myself by
speeding, I could kill other innocent people that could have been involved.
Moreover, not only did I not comply with the speed limit, I did not obey my
mother. Unfortunately, I learned my lesson one gloomy day when I got caught for
speeding on a city street by a police officer.
It was the typical setting to be accused for a driving offense. The
clouds were gray, the roads were slick due to a recent rainfall and there was
not many cars on the road encouraging me to drive faster. I had just gone
through a yellow light at a major intersection and when I looked straight ahead,
there was not a car in sight. Due to the fact that the road was "all mine", I
was encouraged to travel twenty-five kilometers over the speed limit.
Admittedly, I almost heard my mother telling me to slow down. After my increase
in velocity, I noticed I was approaching a downhill. Since I was driving
downhill, I was forced to pick up speed and I reached approximately 100 km/h.
When I reached the level road again, I was able to see the road ahead. To my
surprise, I noticed an old, rotten car parked on the shoulder of the road and a
person wearing a hat getting out of it. As I drew nearer, I noticed that it was
a police officer directing me to stop the car and park on the shoulder of the
road. I automatically remembered my mother warning me to obey the speed limit
or else I will be captured when I least expect it. Nevertheless, I saw the
officer stand near my door and so I rolled down my window. He first asked me
for my license and registration of the car. I timidly handed them to him. He
told me that he caught me speeding at a speed of 105 km/h on a city street with
a speed limit of 60 km/h. He presented me a ticket with a value of $110.00 for
speeding on a city street. He also told me that I must attend a court hearing
because speeding is considered a serious driving offense. He told me to be
careful on the roads because if I was caught again in the next six months, I
would have my license suspended. Therefore, I would have to admit that I
learned my lesson dearly because after that unexpected incident and until this
day, I comply with the rules of the road.
In short, I never thought I would be caught for speeding but, I must
admit, getting caught by a police officer taught me a significant lesson. Not
only could I have killed myself, but most importantly, I could have killed
innocent lives. Hence, after I made this mistake I understand why my mother
always told me not to excel the speed limit. Thus, committing this mistake was
only natural in the process of learning a lesson for a human being like me.


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