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Essay/Term paper: University costs

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University Costs

How have university costs changed over the years?

University costs have been steadily increasing throughout the last ten years as
more and more students apply. However, foreign students feel the brunt of the
hikes as they pay around the area of three times as much as in country students.

What are some of the costs when going away to university?

Costs that you are expected to cover when going away for university are listed

1) Tuition - this is the main expenditure when going away to university.
Tuition cost run from about 2,000 - 4,000 dollars a year.

2) Books and supplies - this cost runs up at about 500 - 800 dollars per year
for books. Average supplies range from about 100 - 200 dollars.

3) Transportation - when a student is away at university, the problem of
getting to and from school arises. More than likely, this problem can be solved
through public transportation such as, bus, subway, or shuttle train. The
average cost for a years pass on one of these transportation systems is about
200 - 300 dollars. The other available option is to own a vehicle. The
downside is gas drains the cash flow and student parking can be quite expensive
at some universities.

4) Housing - a student who attends university away from home must find a place
to eat, sleep and , of course, study. There are about three main options in
this field of discussion. The first is dorm housing. The costs of sharing a
dorm ranges from about 250 - 400 dollars per month. The second available option
is to rent an apartment. A nice affordable apartment ranges from about 300 -
500 dollars a month. This type of apartments usually contains features such as
a stove and a fridge. The final option is to board at a house. This is clearly
the most affordable situation. Most meals are home cooked, you are equipped
with a washer and dryer. The atmosphere of home is also a plus for first-time
students who might feel homesick. The price to board ranges from around 200 -
400 dollars a month depending on how close you are to the campus.

5) Miscellaneous - costs that are included under the miscellaneous section are
food, clothes, and personal expenditures. The average cost yearly for
miscellaneous expenses can run from about 500 - 1000 dollars a year.

What is an average cost for going away to university?

The average cost to attend university for a year is from about 10,000 - 15,000
dollars a year. If, however, you are planning on attending an overseas
university you could look at paying two or three times as much.

In conclusion, although university costs are rising it is not
necessarily a bad sign. One of the reasons the costs are skyrocketing is that
more and more people are applying to university. But, if you are thinking of a
post-secondary education, you better start saving.


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