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Essay/Term paper: An unforgattable experience

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Narrative Essays

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Narrative Essay on An Unforgettable Experience

During the December festive season almost every shopping and business complex is a
hive of activity. The last few days before Christmas are exceptionally busy days. Many
last minute shoppers scurry along from shop to shop in a last bid to complete their
shopping. unfortunately mum and I were also completing our shopping at Margate on
the last Saturday before christmas.

Hundreds of people were in the complex. Parking was at a premium. Fortunately we
went early and got a parking. We went about to complete our shopping. Shortly after
midday we had just entered a jewellery shop when all of a sudden there was a
tremendous explosion. My first thoughts were that it was an earthquake. My hair was
standing on ends.

I turned around and to my horror there were several people lying down with blood
around them. Slives of glass were strewn everywhere. Babies were howling. People
were running in all directions. The place was in a devastating condition. The police
were on the scene within minutes. There cordoned off the area. The paramedics arrived
soon after and attended to the injured. We were lucky that we were not injured.

After some two hours the police managed to bring the scene under control. Those
severely injured were transported to hospital. The explosion occurred as a result of a
bomb being placed in one of the stores. The police questioned us and from that we
were allowed to go home. This was an unforgettable experience although we were not
involved in injury.

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