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Essay/Term paper: Narrative

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Narrative Essays

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Overwhelming, there is simply no other way of putting the impact that my first "big trip to State College" had on me. The weekend had the potential to be an explosive one, but I had no idea that it would take the turn it did. We began our trip with a stop at Sheetz, picking up all of the necessary goods, such as gas, beef jerky, and cigarettes. One might be thinking, how can one trip to State College be any different than any other. All that college kids do when they go up to State is drink, dance, and throw-up. Well this particular trip involved my roommate Jason, myself and Jason"s best friend Nick"s ex-girlfriend. This is where the plot thickens. Jason and I sneaked up to State for the day and neglected to mention to Nick that we were going, due to the fact that we were planning to rendezvous with his ex-girlfriend Nicole. When we arrived in State College we met up with Nicole and a couple of her friends. We proceeded to go to her friends dorm and began playing drinking games prior to the evening of partying. Needless to say after a couple hours of drinking games we were all a little tipsy, so we then sauntered on over to a Fraternity party, where we continued working on our inebriation. After a long night of partying and fraternizing with hundreds of drunk college kids much like ourselves, we headed back to the dorm in which the whole evening started. And just as any after-school special goes, there was one kid who had just a little too much to drink, and he proceeded to put his hand through a plate glass window. "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST DO?!?!?!" were the first words out of every mouth. So Jason, myself, and Nicole decided to vacate the premises and head back to Altoona, which was both a good and bad idea. It was a good idea because the following morning we found out that the dorm room we were in had got busted and each person in the room received a 300 dollar citation for drinking, and their driver licenses were suspended. Although with the good you have to be prepared for the bad, which was waiting for us with open arms back in Altoona. In the next scene "bad" was played by Jason"s best friend Nick. When Jason, myself, and Nicole were leaving the following morning to take Nicole back to State, we accidentally ran into Nick who was needless to say a little upset, and with just cause. To this day Nick still doesn"t speak to Jason. And if that wasn"t bad enough, on our way to State Jason got pulled over for going seventy-five in a fifty-five mile per hour zone. In the sake of fairness shouldn"t we have received something good for the bad that we had just taken part in. We did, which was the fact that Jason told the officer the same story I have just told and he only got a warning. This entire epic happened in the span of twenty-two hours, and frankly it was the longest twenty-two hours of my life, and I hope that things could just go back to the way that they were before our "big trip to State College."

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