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Essay/Term paper: Chronic swamp murders

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Persuasive Essays

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The Chronic Swamp Murders

One day while Joe and Jill Hemp were walking through Chronic swamp they came
across a trail of blood in the water. They followed the trail until it stopped at a dead body.
The body was of a man who was wearing a camouflage outfit. They immediately ran back
to their house, which was not far from the murder site and called the police. Their house
was located right on the edge of the swamp.
When the police got there they roped off the whole area so they could start their
investigation. At first it looked as if it was definitely a murder, but after a few days of
investigation the police concluded that the man was probably a hunter who had either fallen
out of a tree or just tripped and broken his neck. A broken neck was definitely what killed
the man. The only problem with this hypothesis was that it left a few unanswered
questions. If the man was a hunter where did his gun or bow go? How often did you find
a dead hunter just lying in the middle of a swamp? Even with these questions police told
the Hemps that it was an accident and they were in no danger.
The Hemp's life went on with no interruptions until about two weeks after the
hunter was found. Another body had been found in the swamp. This time the body was a
male whom had a business suit on. The police came back and investigated this death.
After about a week they concluded again that it was a broken neck that had killed the
victim. There were no signs of a struggle so the investigators said that it was some type of
freak accident. They also told the Hemps to stay out of the swamp.
The Hemps never went back into the swamp again, but one night they were
awakened by a loud pounding noise on the front door. When Mr. Hemp got up to see
what it was, all he saw was something large running into the swamp. He then made sure
that all the doors were locked and he got his shotgun out of the closet. He waited in his
dark living room for about an hour and then went back to his bed. He didn't tell his wife
what had happened so she wouldn't be scared .
The next day when Joe was coming home from work he noticed the door was wide
open. When he got closer he noticed that the door frame was broken and the door had
been kicked in. He ran inside looking for his wife. He couldn't find her anywhere, so he
ran to their bedroom for his gun. On his way to the bedroom he heard his wife scream and
the scream was coming from the bedroom. He then saw a huge man who was at least
seven feet tall and weighed about 300 pounds. This man was beating up Joe's wife. Joe
ran and jumped on his back. The man stopped hitting his wife and just tossed Joe to the
ground. The huge man then started beating Joe. Joe was unconscious and the man was
getting ready to break Joe's neck when his wife shot the monster-sized man right in the
chest with their shotgun. He instantly fell to the ground dead. Joe made a full recovery
and the Hemps were credited with solving the mystery of the Chronic swamp murders.

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