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Essay/Term paper: Comparison of miss jean brodie, dead poets society and the tr

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Paul B. Campano

These three works share numerous similarities. The most obvious of these is their character's desire and commitment to instructing and teaching youth. Miss Jean Brodie dedicated a major part of her life to "her girls". She would have done anything to help them. As time went along, she grew too close to them. As we saw, she was eventually betrayed by one of her own girls. She had her heart in the right place. She never did anything maliciously toward the girls. She did not realize that there was a need to draw a line. It is too bad that she was treated as though she had done something wrong. The headmaster should have directed her venom at someone who was more deserving.
Professor Keating is another who had his pupils best interests at heart. His teaching methods were eccentric, but his point always came across loud and clear. He was idolized by his students. In a school of such dignity and staunchness, his approach was a breath of fresh air. He was never afraid to put himself on the line if it meant that his students were to gain. This was no more evident than with the Dead Poets Society. He knew that if it were ever uncovered by the faculty higher-ups his job would be, at least, in serious jeopardy. This is another case of needless persecution of someone with the best of intentions. It is ridiculous to think that he could have been implicated in any way to the suicide of one of his students. Firing Professor Keating was the biggest disservice that the administration could have done to the student body.
The most extreme case of this senseless persecution is that of Socrates. Here is a man of little means. His only desire was to try to enlighten others, as well as himself. Was

this not a noble cause? His demeanor was rough at times, but his intentions were still pure. How can you punish, much less put to death, a man such as Socrates? Apparently
the jury knew. Their decision to convict and kill Socrates was outrageous. It can probably be best compared to Tienimen Square. Anyone who dares to challenge the norm or go against authority they will be crushed. Socrates should have escaped and taught elsewhere. His aim was to enlighten and to be enlightened; neither of which can he achieve from the grave.
Miss Jean Brodie, Dead Poets Society, and The Trial and Death of Socrates all share one thing. They each had a protagonist that was well liked by his or her students, had their students best interests at heart, and was eventually punished for their caring and dedication.


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