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Essay/Term paper: Agnostic

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Philosophy

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I believe that I am agnostic because I don"t know what to think about religion. When it
comes to saying whether I believe in God or not, I feel that I have not yet come to a complete
understanding of God"s existence. This tends to be a vicious cycle which constantly runs through
my head. Ever since I can remember, I was taught through my family and church that this being
does exist, but as I grew older I began to question whether this almighty being really does exist.
How can I believe that this being exists when every day I watch the news and hear of all the
tragedy that is happening in the world.
I have been taught through my family and church that God is the creator and supreme
ruler of the universe. They also taught me that he has set up certain guidelines or rules for which
we must obey. These are commonly known as the ten commandments. We have been told that
if we disobey these commandments , we will ultimately go to hell. Furthermore, if we follow these
commandments, we will go to heaven and live in peace eternally. We all basically have the same
perception of what Heaven and Hell are like. Heaven is commonly thought of as a utopia. A
place which is soft, beautiful and peaceful. Where there is total peace and harmony. Where as
Hell is known as being a prison for evil doers. Hell is supposed to be a dark, hot, and gloomy
place with much misery. A persons worst nightmare. As I have gotten older, I don"t necessarily
believe that God created these commandments or in these places. I do believe that they are still a
good set of standards and values for everyone to live by.
If we as individuals pray and hold God to be the almighty, How can we make sense of all
of the bloodshed, disease, evil and hatred in this world which we live. If God creates, why would
he create murderers, thieves, and rapist? How do we except all human beings dying from
diseases such as cancer and aids. Can we really state that there is a God, when so many of the
young have died in war, or who can account for a creature such as Hitler. I have seen far to
much evil in this world to be totally sure there is one almighty being watching over and protecting
Many people pray to God to keep evil away from all who we love. When in reality, there
is no insurance to keep us safe from evil. Isn"t it ironic that the one that many people pray to for
forgiveness has the power to bring pain in our lives. In my opinion, God is an image for all of us to
look up to or strive for his perfection. Everyone wants to be as perfect as the way we perceive
God as being. Even if there is no God, this can only make our world better.
In conclusion, I still have not been convinced that everything around me has been created
by God. But, if it brings all of us closer and makes the world a much better place, I don"t see
anything wrong with having it. I believe that each individual should get out of religion what they
want, not what society wants them to get out of it.  

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