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Essay/Term paper: Vote no for quebec to be separate from canada

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Political Science

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Vote No For Quebec To Be Separate From Canada

I urge you as a fellow Canadian to vote NO! to the upcoming referendum
question. Canada as a whole has many unique qualities. Our most valued
characteristic is our cultural diversity. Our combination of Anglophone and
Francophone regions throughout our country and their ability to work together
sets us apart from the rest of the world. Canada cannot function without Quebec
just as Quebec cannot function without Canada.

It has been said by many, that those who live in Quebec to want to
separate because of their need and desire to have their own distinct culture and
heritage. This is not a valid point because Canada's culture and heritage is
largely defined by that of Quebec. Quebec separating from Canada would mean
that Canada as a whole would lose that part of its history. Quebec does not
need to separate from Canada to maintain its culture since Canada has always
greatly encouraged it.

Voting YES to the referendum will cause problems in many relationships
between peolpe who live in Quebec and those in the rest of Canada. Some of
these problems are unemployment and jobs. The residents of Quebec will no
longer be able to work in Canada just as Canadians will no longer be allowed to
work in Quebec. This will cause a rise in unemployment because many people
will be forced to quit thier jobs. The border between Canada and Quebec will
impose even more obstacels. Travel will become stessfull because passports
will be needed and duty taxes will be imposed. International trade will also be
a problem since Canada and Quebec will be two separate countries. It would be
unlikely for the two countries to do business with each other primarily due to
feelings of resentment and hostility.

Another problem that will arise is the fact that some Quebecers are not
willing to separate. There will never be a time when everyone living in Quebec
will want to separate. It therefor causes a problem for those who want to stay
because they would be compelled to leave. Also, it is not only an issue that
will affect English Canadians and French Canadians but also the Native Canadians
and their land claims.

In conclusion a NO vote is in the best interest of both English
Canadians and French Canadians. There are few benefits that can be obtained but
the negative consequences outweigh them. Quebec should support a unified Canada
since they helped establish it. Quebec is a very important part of Canada's
role as a country and it will be equally important in the future.


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