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Essay/Term paper: Luis gutierrez

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Political Science

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Luis Gutierrez

The Fourth District of Chicago is rather new to the Chicago land made up
largely of Hispanics and Latinos. This District like many others face major
problems of crime, health care and education. Democratic representative Luis V.
Gutierrez represents the answer to these and other problems. Who is Luis
Gutierrez? Is this man making a difference? What are his issues? Is Luis doing
his job? What is his impact on the system? These are question that need
answering. These problems need solving is Luis Gutierrez really the answer?
Gutierrez was born December 10 1954, in Chicago Illinois. He received a
Bachelors degree from Northeastern Illinois University, in 1975. His
professional experience is as follows: teacher in Puerto Rico from, 1977 to
1978; social worker for Chicago's Department of children and family Services,
from 1979 to 1983; An advisor to Chicago mayor Harold Washington, from 1984 to
1987; Chicago city Alderman from 1986 to 1992; President of the Pro. Tem, from
1989 to 1992.
Luis V. Gutierrez was elected to represent Illinois district four in
1992. The congressional committees he serves on include Banking and Financial
Services; General Overnight and Investigations; Housing and Community
opportunity; Veteran Affairs and Hospital and Health Care. Mr. Gutierrez's
addresses in Washington and in Chicago are: 408 Longworth House office Building,
Washington Dc 20515; 3181 North Elston Avenue, Chicago 60618; 1715 west 47th
street, Chicago 60609; 3659 Halsted Chicago 60609; and 2132 West 21st street
Chicago 60608.
Luis Gutierrez start the road to politics by being a strong supporter on
our former late mayor Harold Washington. With the backing of Washington,
Gutierrez won the race for Alderman in 1986. After the death of Washington,
Gutierrez soon supported Richard Daley for mayor and was appointed to chairman
of the housing committee. Gutierrez was now able to instate his "New Homes for
Chicago plan". This plan called for the city to sell empty spaces of land to
housing contractors to construct homes for as little as one dollar.
In 1992, Gutierrez ran for representative of the fourth district
election, Gutierrez opponent was Juan Soliz. During the campaign Gutierrez
focused more on crime, while Soliz focused on many issues such as: trade and
health care. Gutierrez soon showed to be the candidate for his people of all
ethnic groups. He became known in the area for the following passage, "If you
work hard, sweat and toil and play by the rules, you will be rewarded...with
clean street, safer and better schools, the opportunity to send your kids to
college." He won sixty percent to forty percent and sixty-four percent to
thirty-four percent in the primary. In the district, Gutierrez is well respected,
he has been running various programs to better the fourth district such as
recycling drives (the blue bag), an anti-graffiti plan and citizen enrollment
A little history of how district four came about; District four is made
up primarily of Hispanic Americans. There was once a problem with congressional
district. It was meant to have its majority Hispanic but, since the south side
Mexican-Americans and the north side Puerto Rican-Americans, were separated by
the west side African-American communities, Hispanics were not the majority. In
order to fix this problem, the Latin communities became the seventh district.
Hispanics in this district are two thirds of the population. Mexicans out number
Puerto Ricans two to one. Although Hispanics are the majority only thirty-nine
percent are registered to vote while, fifty-eight percent of white are
As of 1990 District four had a population of 571,162 people. Eight
percent were African-American; three percent were Asian; sixty-four percent
Hispanic; fifty-nine percent were white and forty percent were of other ethnic
groups. There were 383,285 people eligible to vote. Fifty-eight Hispanic; six
percent African-American; twenty-four percent had college education's; forty-
nine percent married and thirty- one percent married with children. The average
rent was 393 dollars a month. The cost of housing is relatively low in this area.
The average value of a home was 64,300 dollars
Since the people in Gutierrez district lacked college education
according the Ross text book, they are less likely to vote. Gutierrez chose a
clear cut campaign "Anti-crime". The use of one major topic enabled him to gain
the votes of people who do to lack of education, would not have voted. Another
reason for the success of Gutierrez's anti-crime campaign was because of the
fact that in the center of the district is low income housing (projects) that
are highly associated with crime and violence. One of the major concerns of the
residents in the fourth district is violence. Therefore, his campaign lead
voters to believe that if he were to be elected, crime would lesson in there
Gutierrez's 1996 campaign cost approximately 406,609 dollars.
Approximately one hundred and ninety thousand dollars were givens by political
action committee. The three major pac contributors to his campaign were labor
unions who gave 109,650 dollars; finance, insurance and real estate. Since he
was on the banking committee, bankers backed him on his re-election.
Public funding for health services, gun control and abortion are the
three most controversial issues in politics, Gutierrez is primarily pro-choice.
A bill was brought to congress on July 17, 1996 to allow federal employees
health insurance program to cover abortion, Gutierrez voted, yes to this bill
but this amendment was rejected. He supports the Brady bill as well as other
topic bills preventing semi-automatic weapons. Gutierrez major campaign topic
for 1992's election. He is primarily for better health care service throughout
According to the performance evaluation by special interest groups,
Gutierrez in the area of education was 100 percent for the American Federation
of teachers and the U.S. student Association in 1993. In 1994 he was 91 percent
for national Education Association. On Gun control Gutierrez shows to be one
hundred percent for the handgun control. Zero percent in favor of the National
Riffle Association. On the issues of labor he was one hundred percent for;
United Food and Commercial workers; AFL-CIO; American Federation of Government
Employees: American Federation of state.
Gutierrez, in the house, is excepted with mixed feelings Gutierrez has
been known to speak unprofessional about the house as well as it's members. In a
sixty minute profile he claimed that the house was "belly of the best" and later
called the new democrats "sell outs", because of these comments, Gutierrez has
not been successful as a legislature. Both Gutierrez's abortion in veteran's
Hospitals and anti-crime bill have been rejected. As a leader Gutierrez has had
to pick himself up and rejoin the game many times.
Is Luis Gutierrez the man for the job? I personally feel that he is? By
sticking in what he believes and not being persuaded by the common mistake that
new reps take, his honesty will one day win out. Crime is a world issue that
needs to be addressed Luis Gutierrez is putting forth and effort in the right


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