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Essay/Term paper: Another canada

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Political Science

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When people think of Canada and then compare it

to the United States of America, they always tend to think it

is similar. At least I did until I started this project. I always

thought that Canada was a clone or mirror of America, but I

was wrong. About 99.75% of the Canadian people consider

ice as something that they use in a drink or something that is

always on the road that needs salt. For the rest of the

Canadians, ice is a major barrier of life. The ice can be used

as a helpful thing to. It could be crafted into a refrigerator. It

could also be used as a racetrack for snowmobiles. Now

how many ice refrigerators do you find in America? I don"t

think the climate in America and support something like that.

Eighty percent of Canada is in a subartic zone. While

America sits comfortably in the tropical wet-dry to

continental humid climate zone. The main population in

Canada is rested in between the January temps. of -2°F and

14°F. Whereas Americas" main population is in the 41°F to

32°F range. For Canada, the climate reaches the extremes

during winter. About 95% of Canada is 14°F and below.

America"s winter is about 23°F-41°F. The dramatic

difference may have affected the difference of population.

The average population in Canada is 26 people per mi. ²,

compared to 128 people per mi. ² in America. I think that

the people are more densely populated in the US because

the weather is more tolerable. The weather also affects what

is grown and produced in the two countries. Canada grows

Timber, sheep, corn, wheat and a little bit of grapes. But

America produces sheep, timber grapes, citrus, cattle,

wheat, cotton, sorghum, sugar cane Tabasco and corn. As

you can see America produces a lot more than Canada

does. Canada"s climate prevents them from produces as

much or having as much as a variety. Half of Canada"s land

is forest and woodlands and the rest is non- argiculterable.

When the area of Canada is 3,849,672 sq. mi., the country

loses out on a lot of production without that half. As for

America (3,732,396 sq. mi.), half is livestock ranching and

the other half is mixed farming and livestock. So the main

production is livestock. The weather and climate provides a

perfect environment for the livestock. The GDP is $611

billion; $21,800 per capita, when America is $6.379 trillion;

$24,700 per capita. The difference is immense. America is

producing more while Canada is lacking the capability that

the US has. Another factor the helps or holds down the

manufacturing is precipitation. Canada receives about 20 to

40 inches a year. Which helps the growth of the main

products, timber. The US has more of a larger range of 10

to 120 inches. In the 10 inches area, sheep and citrus is

grown. For Canada, the 20 inches area also produces sheep

a long with cattle. The range of precipitation of America

contributes to the diversity of products. Comparing America

to Canada is like looking at two completely different cars,

one car has better features while the other doesn"t have

much. Although the two countries are located right next to

each other, they aren"t particularly the same. The main thing

prevents Canada to have as much as America is its climate.

The cold climate provides an unargiculterable land. Lacking

good weather and good land prohibits Canada to have the

population that the US has. People go where there is a good

life for them and Canada doesn"t provide as much America.

But I do have to say, they do have a good hockey and

baseball team.  

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