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Essay/Term paper: Capital punishment: for

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Politics

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Capital Punishment: For

Have you been wondering where all our tax dollars are going to these days?
A large amount of it is going towards maintaining murderers, rapists and thieves,
and for what reason, to live the good life? The average prisoner costs the
federal government one hundred and fifty dollars a day which amounts to fifty-
three thousand four hundred dollars a year. Now, ask yourself this question, Is
it worth all this money to keep these savage criminals in jail? Do you really
want these brutal criminals after release from prison roaming freely in our
streets near our homes? The ultimate answer to these questions is only too
evident, we must control the situation, we need to enforce an alternative... we
need Capital Punishment.

For all of the murderers, thieves, drug lords, rapists and any other severe
law perpetrator, there must be some form of control and it must be capital
punishment. Any person who kills people with no regrets or rapes innocent
victims continuously, does not deserve to live in a luxurious North American
penitentiary or anywhere for that matter, they deserve nothing but the death
penalty. When the words "death penalty' or "capital punishment' are heard, they
obviously are disturbing and uncomfortable, but so are their crimes. There is
no hope for criminals with this kind of behavior and mentality. I believe that
capital punishment is the key necessity.

If capital punishment was enforced for severe crimes, it would eliminate a
fair amount of tax money going towards the judiciary system. If a prison were
to maintain a deadly criminal sentenced for life starting at the age of thirty
and living to seventy, it would cost tax payers an unbelievable amount of two
million one hundred and thirty-six thousand dollars. It is hard to believe but
it is true, and imagine, if that is the cost of just one criminal, imagine the
astronomical amount of five hundred criminals each costing that amount of
money... something must be done. Capital punishment would eliminate those
figures and leave you and me a whole lot happier.

When a murderer kills a person and goes to court, he expects to get around
thirty to fifty years in jail, and if he behaves well in prison, he could very
well get out in half the time. It is also a fact that after the criminal has
been released from prison, he will most likely perform the same acts that
rendered him there in the first place. Society can't handle these brutal
behaviors so therefore capital punishment will. When a criminal is sentenced to
the death penalty and is executed by means of capital punishment, all the other
potential murderers and rapists will get a warning. They will think twice about
doing the crime after they learn of what awaits them in the end.

The fact of the matter is, it has been far too long that we have been too
kind to the fiends who murder our loved ones, rape our spouses and daughters and
perform other savage brutalities. By no way or justice should they be allowed
to roam the streets freely after having a relaxed visit at the local
penitentiary. They end up costing the tax payer an unimaginable amount of money
so that they can live in a sheltered jail while having hearty meals and access
to pay-TV and other commodities. All of this is simply unnecessary for the
solution is capital punishment and as long as it is put off, the longer all of
these and other things will go on.


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