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Essay/Term paper: The dark romantics

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Position Papers

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The dark Romantics describe life as evil, sinful, insane, and deceptive, which is more like life today.

For example, the town"s people in the "Black Veil" can be seen as evil and sinful. The reason they are thought as evil and sinful is because they say things about him because he is wearing the black veil. This can be seen in Hawthorns the minister and the Black veil when Mr. Hooper says, "why do you tremble at me? Cried he turning his veiled face around the circle of pale specters. Tremble also at each other! Have men avoided me and women shown no pity, and children screamed and fled only for my Black veil?

In addition Ahab in "Moby Dick" is considered not only as an evil and sinful person but is selfish and greedy. The reason why he is sinful, evil, selfish, greedy, mainly is because he didn"t care what the other people on the ship wanted or that what he was going to do would or could bring dangers, and what he was doing was a waste of time, because instead of getting vengeance on "Moby Dick". He could be hunting whales for food and selling what"s left of them and make money.

Furthermore evil and sinful people today, like Charles Manson. The reason why he is considered an evil and sinful person is because he killed a lot of people. Another reason he is evil is because he said he was God. This is one of the many reasons why I agree with the Dark Romantics.

The second reason out of the many reasons of why I agree with the Dark Romantics is because a lot of people are insane. For example, mad or insane people caused the Columbine tragedy. One of the crazy things they did was running around the school shooting and blowing things up. While trying to take as many life"s as they could. Another crazy or insane thing is the fact that they took pride in what they did. The reason I say they took pride in it . Is because they made a video that showed them laughing and saying that they were going to do all the stuff they did, and how they were going to do it.

In addition, the mother who shot her kids is more proof that people can turn insane at any minute. Why she did it, I don"t really know. But what I think from experience is that all this was either caused by stress or society. Maybe it was caused with both of them put together. Stress is a greater cause for something like this because I have seen people that stress has made them go insane and crazy. I see it everyday at my house. Mostly because my parents bring stress home from work. My mom is pregnant so I have to put up with al the stress she has. Then I bring home my stress from school. Then when we all are around each other we fight and bring out the stress that was inside us. Another reason she could of shot her kids is because she was taking drugs.

Furthermore, Ahab in "Moby Dick" is a good example of a made or insane person. The reason is because Ahab was made at "Mob Dick". He was mad at "Mob Dick" because the whale took of his leg. Ahab did not think of the others that were on the ship and the dangers that this was going to bring him and every body on the ship. All Ahab wanted was revenge and that was it. I don"t blame him I would be mad to if a whale took of my leg. But I wouldn"t bring other people into danger without telling them. Another reason he was insane is that he didn"t care what other people wanted or that he was going to bring serious danger to the people on the ship. All this shows how people are mad or insane, and this is why I agree with the Dark Romantics.

The last reason why I agree with the Dark Romantics is because a lot of people hide their sins, evil side. For example Mr. Hooper in the "Black Veil" hides his sins. One reason he does this is because he wants to show how people hide their sins every day. He wants to show that he has sinned and he is ashamed of it. People I know hide their sins and their evil side. Sometimes my friends hid their sins because they don"t want me to know about their sins. Mostly because they don"t want me to think badly about them. They probably hide their sins so they can make a good impression so I will like them.

Furthermore, the same goes for Mr. Bill Clinton. He hid his sin, which he got more punishment for because of that. But he lied about that sin and most people believed that lie. But when they got more proof, he probably knew he was going to get caught. So then he told everybody the truth. That"s when everybody found out he was lying to them. What did was a really big sin, which he had tried to hide. This is all I have to say about people who hide their sins, evil sides, and this is why I agree with the Dark Romantics.

These are all the reasons why I agree with the Dark Romantics and my views on the world. I think that it is mostly stress and society around us that make us turn crazy. Sometimes making us doing things that we normally don"t do.


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