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Essay/Term paper: Single men vs. committed men

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Psychology

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Single men lead different lifestyles compared to men that
are committed to one woman. When a guy is single, he
might wish he had a girlfriend. When that same guy finds a
girlfriend, he might want to be single again. This is a strange
cycle that many young men go through for many years.

Although there are many differences between these two
lifestyles, one similarity is apparent. That is the transition
from one lifestyle to the other. The transition is often very
difficult. These transitions often cause many aspects of a
man"s life to change. This means that there are many
contrasts when you compare lifestyles of single men and
men in a relationship with one woman.

A guy may enjoy or hate living his life single. Often times a
single lifestyle consists of merely hanging out with guys and
girls just as friends, and having fun. If a guy really enjoys
partying and getting a little crazy on the weekends, this is
what he will do when he is single. Single men usually do
and say whatever they want to, and don"t worry about
what others may think about them. He just wants to be with
his buddies and have a good time.

Sometimes single men will not be seeking potential
girlfriends. Other times he will be on the lookout for girls he
is interested in. In either case, girls will be on his mind. For
that guy who is not looking for a relationship, he will not
mind not seeing any girls for a period of time. A guy who is
looking for a commitment will want to go to the clubs and
other spots where he can meet some women.

A man with a girlfriend will enjoy her company all the time.
He will not desire to see his buddies as much as he used to.
He won"t think about all of the girls he could meet at a
party where he could be. Overtime, the guy with a girlfriend
will spend less and less time with friends. He will
concentrate more of his time on his partner, trying to make
the relationship work out as best as it can.

The period of time when a man is happy with his girlfriend
can be deceitful. This time of harmony between a man and
a woman may last for a lifetime, or just a few days.
Sometimes he will start to think about his buddies and
parties, and feel that his girl is holding him back. This is a
sign that the relationship will not last much longer, and many
hearts can be broken because of these feelings. That is just
the way the cycle goes and there is nothing he can do about

A single guy will not worry about as many things as a guy
with a girlfriend. The single man may not worry about how
he looks or acts sometimes. He can keep his house messy,
because there is no woman to worry about. Unless he is
attempting to get a girlfriend, he will live the way he feels
most comfortable.

It is a whole different story when a girl comes into a man"s
life. He will start to worry about how she is doing. He will
start to be on time for dates and appointments he makes.
When a woman comes into a man"s life, she will bring a
sense of responsibility to that man with her. Overnight his
house will look neat, his car will be clean, and he will start
to worry about his appearance. Sometimes it will seem like
he has made many changes overnight, and he may look like
a different man.

Responsibility is a must when a man has a girl. If he cannot
keep his end of the deal, the relationship will not last. A
man cannot spend more time with his buddies than his
girlfriend, and expect to keep her happy. Men can"t have
the lifestyle of a single man and keep a girlfriend at the
same time. This will leave him feeling dissatisfied with
himself, and his girlfriend.

Many men will actually crave to have both lifestyles. They
are so different from each other that it cannot be possible.
Sometimes having a girlfriend will change a man"s life
drastically. A man may not always be happy with the way
he is living at the time. Not all relationships can last forever,
as many men find out. When examining a man over a
period of time, it will be easy to spot the contrasts in his
lifestyle from being single to having a girlfriend.

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