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Essay/Term paper: Racism: burdens of a multi-cultural world

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Racism and Discrimination

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Racism: Burdens of A Multi-Cultural World

The sizzling streams of sunlight were just beautifully glimmering down
on the crisp green school yard. Such a wonderful day that was. Nothing could
have ruined it. Little Jimmy, since it was such a wonderful day decided to go to
the corner store and buy himself a little treat. As little Jimmy started walking
over to the store, clouds flocked over the dazzling sun and the sudden pitch
dark meant no trouble. On the other side of the road were three white boys from
Jimmy's same school. Upon recognizing Jimmy, the boys ran over the street to
where he was.
"Hey Negro, what's up?", one of the white Boy said.
"Did your mamma pack you enough to eat to-day?", another hooted.
"Just leave me alone.", Little Jimmy said
"Oh no, Jimmy's really getting pist off!?", the first boy retaliated.
"Just shove off and let me be," Jimmy answered.
It is like this everyday, everywhere, and everytime, people suffer
discrimination. All because they have differences amongst each other. Different
beliefs, different cultures, different skin colour, all of these act like
building blocks to help construct what we know as Racism.
Racism has become one of the many burdens amongst multi-cultural worlds
like Canada and the States. Racism is a part of each and every one of us. No
doubt, we are all racist, but this the term racism has been used too loosely.
Racism has been mutated to such an extent that it could be a reason for war, a
symbol of terrorism, and even an excuse for neglecting. Is that all there is to
it? No, actually it is just the beginning. Racism is just like warfare in which
there is no shelter and nobody is neutral.
Nobody is exempt from this demon. He has haunted us with a bitter curse.
On one occasion I remember, nobody would play with me at school. I would walk
around by myself and ask people if we could play together. Everywhere that I
went, like the process of induction, everyone would avoid me. Like two inducted
poles with the same polarity, they would just shimmer off into the distance and
continue to do whatever they're doing. Because of racial differences, they
neglect me.
People are afraid of the unknown, and it is this difference amongst
people that spread rumors and distrust amongst people. Corrupting our thoughts
and reasons, we get accustomed to thinking differences are omens. Amongst
smaller kids, there is no difficulty in getting them to all play together. There
thoughts are not totally corrupted as others. Probably the demon has no time to
bother with smaller children.
As children start to grow up, their knowledge of the world increases in
astronomical figures. They start to mature and realize the barbarous aspects of
life. When this knowledge reaches to a certain point, the demon like racism
comes after them. The child begins to understand the term racism and is
encouraged to use it in part of there everyday speech. Then when one walks
around the school ground, you wouldn't see children from different ethnic groups
playing together. They have become insoluble to each other and will never then
mix again.
Interaction between each other thus terminates. Nobody benefits from
this kind of behavior except for the demon that haunts us. Racism, like the
demonic figure it has imposed on us is the reason for distrust, disloyal, and
discrimination amongst each and every one of us.


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