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Essay/Term paper: Martin luther king

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Racism and Discrimination

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Martin Luther King

There are many important things that shape the delivery of your speech. Among
the most important parts of delivery involved are voice production and
articulation. Other important parts of delivery include methods, gestures, eye
contact, and the clothing that you wear. Martin Luther King Jr. is considered
one of the most influential speakers of this century. The delivery and language
of King's speeches has earned him this label. In the next paragraph I shall
examine King's delivery and why he is considered such a great speaker. If your
audience cannot hear you, your speech servers very little purpose. King's most
famous speech took place in nineteen sixty three during a March on Washington. I'
m sure King was concerned with his voice production and articulation. Without
these mechanisms of speech King would have gone unheard of. However, King had
no trouble with these mechanisms of speech. I feel that everyone has gestures
that are unique and King was no different. He moved around during his speeches
and used his hand to emphasize points throughout his speeches. I cannot decide
whether king used the memorization or extemporaneous method. If I was to choose
one I would choose the memorization method. During the speeches of

King we viewed he never losses eye contact with the audience. This is one of
the reasons why I choose the memorization method. I also feel King's
speeches came straight from his heart. King was a Baptist minister and was
without a doubt filled with the spirit of god. I feel King's speeches were
influenced by the spirit that lived within his heart. The book states that
your appearance should be in harmony with your message. King's speeches were
all based on serious spiritual and political issues and a suit and tie were the
attire that he choose to wear. King was a educated man and was without a doubt
educated in the area of fundamental speech skills. The textbook states that the
most effective language was simple, clear, and direct. King practiced all three
of these when performing his speeches. King's language was simple in that the
people he was speaking to could comprehend what he was speaking about. He was
very clear about the points in which he was speaking about. He also came
directly to the reason why he was speaking, he did not beat around the bush.
King used emotions to sway people to see things his way. King made sure he used
the language that fitted his personality. King's language was important to his
effectiveness as a public speaker. King was a very well rounded speaker. He was
effective in both the areas of delivery and language. These are just two of the
things that made Martin Luther King Jr. one of the most influential speakers of
this country .


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