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Essay/Term paper: The chicago bulls: number 5???

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The Chicago Bulls: Number 5???

Can they? Yes they can, but they will have to overcome two obstacle
courses, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Houston Rockets.
First lets review the Bulls team. They have the seven time All-Star
Michael Jordan, All-Star forward Scottie Pippen, and the bigest rebounding force
in the league, Dennis Rodman. But don't forget Toni Kukoc and their first round
draft pick, the seven foot center out of Uconn, Travis Knight. He is a good
outside shooter, but he needs to get stronger, or it's goodbye Travis.
Now, as for the Lakers, they have recently signed star center Shaquille
O'Neal, the biggest force in the league. Now that they Shaq, Magic Johnson will
unretire (again), because he feels that with Shaq, Nick Van Exel, Cedric
Ceballos, Eddie Jones, and Kobie Bryant, they will finally be a contender for
the title. They have drafted Derek Fisher, he is a strong player and shows good
leadership, but he will mainly serve as Van Exels backup.
Finally, the Houston Rockets. They have Hakeem Olujuwon, Clyde Drexler, and
guess who? Charles, yes, Charles Barkley, the man from Phoenix, the round mound
of rebound. They have alsodrafted Othello Harrington, Randy Livingston, and
Terrell Bell. Livingston was the top high school player in '93, but has had
some severe knee injuries. Bell is a great shotblocker, but very raw on offense.
If the Bulls can overcome these two great teams, which they most likely
will, coming off a 72-10 season, not to mention their fourth championship in six
years, they will have their fifth.


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